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    Weed dispensaries in Orlando, FL

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average price of an 8th in Orlando

    The average price of an 8th in Orlando is $43. Some of the strains at this price include; Member Berry, Mandarin Dream, Skunk Ape, Super Silver Haze, Sherbert, Lemon Tree, Poison Fruit, Lemon OG, Gorilla Grapes, Paradise Waits, Bubble Gum, TruBerry OG, White Buffalo, 9 Pound Hammer, Strawberry Switchblade, Oregon Lemon, and Green Crack. Other strains include; Northern Hash Plant at $33, Jack Herere at $27, Blue Dream at $53, and Reggae Cowboy at $58.

    Most popular strain in Orlando

    The most popular strain in Orlando is Member Berry. It's an evenly-balanced hybrid whose buds are thick green covered with glistening trichomes. Super Lemon Haze is a favorite strain among consumers in Orlando. It's a multi-colored strain with a zesty and sweet smell. 

    Laws and regulations in Orlando

    • It is only legal for medical marijuana patients with a valid MMJ identification card to possess or purchase cannabis products.

    • It is illegal to operate cars and bikes under the influence of cannabis.

    • Cultivation and harvest of cannabis plants by patients is illegal.

    • The use of cannabis products in public parks and beaches is prohibited.

    • Minors who are below 18 years and have a caregiver can access cannabis products.

    Flower/concentrate/edible possession limit in Orlando

    Medical patients with valid medical marijuana cards may purchase no more than 2.5 ounces (70.8 grams) over a 35-day period, but may possess up to a total of four ounces (113.4 grams) of medical marijuana in smokable form. The patients are allowed to possess up to a 70-day supply of non-smokable cannabis at any given time, no more than four ounces (113.4 grams) total. Qualified doctors can order not more than six 35-day supplies of cannabis in the smokable form within each certification, and the order should not surpass 2.5 ounces (70.8 grams) of cannabis.

    Difference between a storefront and a dispensary

    A storefront provides cannabis products for recreational purposes while a dispensary is used to provide services for medical treatment.

    A storefront can be accessed without a medical marijuana card. However, a dispensary can only be accessed with a legal marijuana card.

    In a dispensary, a patient must have a diagnosed medical condition done by a licensed physician to purchase cannabis products. In contrast, a storefront doesn't need a diagnosed medical condition or a physician to buy cannabis products.

    Difference between adult-use, or recreational, and medical 

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is purchased for use by adult consumers, whereas medical cannabis is used to treat a patient’s medical condition.

    Medical marijuana has to be prescribed by a qualified physician who fully understands the cannabis products. Conversely, adult-use, or recreational, cannabis does not require a prescription or physician guidance. 

    Medical patient benefits in Orlando

    • Both adults and minors with caregivers can consume cannabis products if they have a valid medical marijuana card.

    • Medical marijuana products are exempt from sales tax, making them more affordable for patients.

    • Medical marijuana patients may visit dispensaries in Florida and may purchase up to 2.5 ounces (70.8 grams) of cannabis products.

    Medical marijuana information in Orlando

    To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Orlando, you must be a resident of Florida with a valid Florida ID to show proof of residency. In case you don’t have an ID, then a passport, driver’s license or other documents that prove you're a resident can be used. These documents can be a utility bill, a bank statement, etc.

    The patient must acquire legal medical records or documentation from their primary care physician describing their diagnosis. 

    Patients of any age can qualify for a medical marijuana card. However, minors under 18 years of age must have a legal guardian or caregiver with them.

    Patients must obtain a recommendation from a qualifying physician stating that they will benefit from medical marijuana use.

    Patients must register online with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, and may renew their MMJ card through a telemedicine visit with their physician.

    Where does the Orlando tax revenue go?

    Orlando’s cannabis tax revenue is used to implement various projects and fund the budget. Part of the money is used to improve public safety in Orlando by employing more people. The tax money is also used in the education sector to build more schools. The remaining portion is directed towards maintaining roads within Orlando city.

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