Weed dispensaries in Conway, AR

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    Weed dispensaries in Conway, AR

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    Cannabis Dispensaries in Conway, Arkansas 

    Located in Central Arkansas, Conway is one of the largest cities in the state — and as such, it caters to one of the largest populations of cannabis consumers. Conway has a younger population than much of the state thanks to its three post-secondary education centers, and as such, cannabis consumption has gained greater acceptance in this part of Arkansas. Visiting a dispensary in Conway is legal and easy, if you know the laws and regulations of the land.

    Cannabis Laws to Know in Conway 

    Recreational cannabis consumption is illegal in Conway, as it is in broader Arkansas. Unfortunately, getting caught selling, possessing, and/or consuming cannabis without a valid license can result in a fine of over $2,500 and up to a year of incarceration.

    Fortunately, Arkansas law does permit the operation of a medical marijuana program, which allows qualifying patients to use state-issued cards to make small cannabis purchases from licensed dispensaries. This is thanks to the approval of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment back in 2016, though the first dispensary in Conway did not open until 2019.

    Medical Marijuana

    Weed dispensaries in Conway, Arkansas are allowed to sell up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis to patients with valid medical marijuana cards. Home cultivation is illegal across the state, even to medical cardholders, and unlicensed cultivation is subject to fines and incarceration in line with criminal cannabis distribution.

    In Arkansas, patients 18 and older can apply for a medical marijuana card through the Arkansas Department of Health (ADOH) website, and minors can apply with consent from a parent or adult caregiver. Arkansas maintains reciprocity with other states’ medical marijuana programs, so licensed users from out of state can apply through the ADOH website for a visitor’s pass that grants access to a dispensary in Conway. Members of the Arkansas National Guard and the U.S. Military are not allowed to participate in the state’s medical cannabis program.

    How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Conway

    The first step to making a legal cannabis purchase in a dispensary in Conway is receiving a diagnosis of a condition that qualifies you for the Arkansas medical cannabis program. A physician licensed in Arkansas must provide written certification of your condition, which you will submit through an ADOH portal alongside your completed application, proof of residency in Arkansas, and a $50 processing fee. Within 10 to 14 days, you should receive a valid medical marijuana card or notice of rejection from the program. A card is valid for one year and requires renewal before its expiration date.

    Where Is It Legal to Consume Cannabis in Conway?

    Though Conway’s population is younger and a bit more cosmopolitan than other Arkansas cities’, its consumption laws remain strict. Patients are allowed to consume cannabis only in private spaces outside of public view with the approval of the landowner. Public consumption of any kind,  including within a vehicle, is subject to penalty.

    How to Buy Cannabis at a Conway Dispensary

    To enter a dispensary in Conway, you need to bring your valid medical marijuana card and photo ID. Dispensaries operate similarly to pharmacies, with patients served on a one-by-one basis, so you might prepare to wait several minutes before seeing a budtender. It might be wise to bring information on your health condition, so you can receive recommendations for suitable cannabis products. Currently, dispensary hours of operation are between 9AM and 8PM.

    How Much Does Cannabis Cost in Conway?

    Currently, patients can buy a gram of dry flower for $15. Extracts and concentrates often cost more than $100 per gram and edibles can cost between $20 and $70, depending on potency.

    Cannabis Taxes in Conway

    Dispensaries in Conway impose three different taxes on cannabis sales: a 5% city tax, a 6.5% state sales tax, and a 4% privilege tax. Currently, all taxes collected go to maintaining the state’s medical marijuana program, with some tax revenues contributed to the University of Arkansas for cancer research.