Marijuana dispensaries  in Sitka, AK

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    Marijuana dispensaries  in Sitka, AK

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average price of an 8th in Sitka

    The average price of an 8th in Sitka is $50. Some of the strains at this price include: Ice Cream Cake, ChemDawg, GG#4, Greasy Monkey, Lemon Squeezy, Top Dawg, and Go Time. Other strains include: Blue Dream at $45, Georgia OG at $35, BlueBerry at $45, Lamb’s Breath at $35, Jolly Rancher at $40, and Karma at $55.

    The most popular strain in Sitka

    The most popular strain in Sitka is Blue Dream. It’s a sativa-dominant strain with a sweet taste and the smell of fresh blueberries. Another popular strain is the indica-dominant BlueBerry that is sweet and juicy with a delicious flavor. 

    Laws and regulations in Sitka

    • Adults 21 years of age and older can legally use and possess cannabis products for recreation.

    • It is illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis products.

    • Adults 21 years and older can possess and grow up to six cannabis plants, not more than three cannabis plants mature or flowering at any given time. 

    • It is illegal to use cannabis in any public space, aside from designated medical marijuana dispensaries and clubs. 

    • It is legal for adults over the age of 21 or who possess a medical marijuana identification card to transport up to one ounce (28.5 grams) of cannabis or up to six cannabis plants. 

    Flower/concentrate/edible possession limit in Sitka

    Adults 21 years and above can also possess up to one ounce (28.5 grams) of cannabis within Sitka. The cultivation of cannabis is legal in Sitka for adults at least 21 years old. Individuals with a cultivation license can grow up to 24 cannabis plants. Without a license, adults 21 years and above can possess six cannabis plants with not more than three mature or flowering at any given time.

    Difference between a storefront and dispensary

    In a storefront, adults at least 21 years old don't need a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis products. Conversely, in a dispensary, patients need a valid medical marijuana identification card to get served. 

    Difference between adult-use, or recreational, and medical 

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is used for enjoyment rather than for medical benefits while medical marijuana is used primarily to treat a specific health condition or underlying symptoms of a chronic condition as diagnosed by a qualified physician. 

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis has intoxicating effects because of the high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) responsible for the “high” effect. 

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is sold without assessment by a doctor whereas medical marijuana is prescribed by a certified physician to manage a health condition or symptoms.

    Medical patient benefits in Sitka

    • Access to clubs and dispensaries - cannabis clubs and dispensaries only allow patients with medical marijuana cards issued by the state government of Alaska. 

    • More products - medical patients with certain conditions can access cannabis products with higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content if it helps them gain relief. 

    • Tax benefits - medical cannabis is taxed at a lower rate, making it less expensive for qualified patients. 

    • Legal protection - medical patients can travel with cannabis to other states and within Sitka without the risk of breaking Alaska’s marijuana laws.

    Medical marijuana information in Sitka

    The patient must be an Alaska resident with a valid Alaska ID as proof of residency. In case the patient doesn't have an Alaska ID, a bank statement, utility bill, or any other document that proves the patient's residence in Alaska can be used.

    Patients must obtain legitimate medical records from their physician describing their diagnosis and bring those records for their medical marijuana evaluation appointment. 

    They should obtain written documentation from a medical marijuana physician licensed in the State of Alaska showing that he or she is a qualified patient. 

    To be certified, the patient should register with the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics into the Medical Marijuana Registry. Thereafter, the patient receives a medical marijuana identification card.

    Minors seeking to register with the medical marijuana program will need the aid of a guardian over the age of 21 to register and act as caregiver. 

    Where does Sitka cannabis tax revenue go?

    The Sitka Cannabis Tax Revenue is used to drive various government projects such as funding entrepreneurs, assisting low-income families, and providing support to the unemployed. Part of the revenue is reinvested into the cannabis industry through grants to farmers, the establishment of more dispensaries, and sponsoring research programs.