Silver Haze



A classic sativa strain with THC levels averaging at 20-24%, Silver Haze is considered one of the most potent sativa strains on the market. Its effects are frequently reported as heavily cerebral, uplifting, and energizing. Silver Haze has two origin stories.

Origin 1: Silver Haze by Sensi Seeds

This Silver Haze originates in the 1980s as a hybrid of Silver Pearl x Haze. Silver Pearl is a hybrid of Early Pearl x Skunk #1/Northern Lights.

Origin 2: Silver Haze by Shantibaba and Mr. Nice

This Silver Haze originates with breeders Scott Blakey (AKA Shantibaba), Howard Marks (AKA Mr. Nice), and Neville Schoenmaker, who retooled their Super Silver Haze strain — a hybrid of Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze — and called it Silver Haze when they left Greenhouse Seed Company.

Silver Haze won the bronze for Best Sativa in the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup while its closest relative, Super Silver Haze, has won countless awards.

Top reported effects

  • Happy
  • Uplifted
  • Relaxed

Top reported flavors

  • Skunk
  • Earthy
  • Mint

Grow information

The original Haze was an early hybrid that could only be grown outdoors, due to its minimal yield and unmanageable height-gain. Crossing the unruly Haze with the Afghani Indica Northern Lights #5 stabilizes the growth patterns of Silver Haze for high yields in a controlled, indoor growing environment. Growers can still expect significant, albeit manageable, height-gain from Silver Haze during its relatively long 65-75 day flowering period. Near the end of flowering, Silver Haze’s buds grow dense — packed with frosty, silver trichomes and long, flowing orange hairs.


Sensi Seeds Mr. Nice Seedbank

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