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The former Cooked with Cannabis co-host talks about working with Kelis, producing a line of gummies, and the weed products he loves.

8 weed strains to smoke on 4/20

It's 4/20, which means it's time to smoke all damn day. Here are eight strains that are definitely worth your time, money, and sesh on the stoniest day of the year.
We spoke with two Grow Off winners to see what strains they're working on, excited about, and like to smoke most.

WM Strains Madness 2021: A Flower is Crowned

For the second year in a row, the people have spoken, and OG Kush has been crowned as the champion yet again.
Those who bet the chalk on the first round are mostly looking good. But will there be a major upset in the Dank 16?
Owner of MzJill Genetics, and co-founder of the world famous TGA Genetics, she's been breeding some of our favorite weed strains for over 25 years.
Looking to spend the rest of your day getting high on a quest for new music? Here are eight strains that you should smoke along the way.