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The Zeus Arc GT is one of the newest entries into the ongoing dry herb vape wars.
It is considered one of the best personal use rosin presses on the market.
Understanding how to use the follow-up to the award-winning Utillian 721.
Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota took to Twitter on 4/20 to say the war on marijuana is racist, and that the U.S. needs to legalize cannabis nationwide. Additionally, she…

Lawsuit Over Firing Might Put Cannabis Labs' Culture of Secrecy on Trial

What began as a bizarre lawsuit between California cannabis testing facility personnel is highlighting how the emerging legal cannabis industry is hampered by confusion over intellectual property and the industry's…
Hawaii has launched a new medical cannabis digital registration platform that will allow tourists with out-of-state doctors' recommendations to access the state's legal marketplace. The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH)…