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5 wholesome ways to celebrate 420 and the cannabis community

April 20, 2022   11:02 am PDT | Updated 1 year ago
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4/20 is much more than a day to pad corporate pockets — it's a celebration of cannabis and community. It's a day to get together with your favorite people and share your favorite green in honor of the many ways this little plant has changed our lives. It's a day where we thank the Waldos for setting an extremely random time to go on a Cannabis Treasure Hunt.

With those sentiments at heart, here are five wholesome ways to celebrate 420 and your love for cannabis.

Donate to a cannabis nonprofit organization

Break bread with the people on 420. Though cannabis is legal in many states, underneath that umbrella is a whole world of companies being destroyed by the Powers That Be. Social equity and opportunity for Black and Brown folks is a fight. Equal representation for women is a fight. Lobbying against the predatory tax structures is a fight. Trying to free people from prison for a plant that corporations are making mega-millions from is a fight. 4/20's a good day to put support behind the people and companies facing these wars (on drugs) head-on, just so this industry can even exist, and that cheap ounce deal you got on 420 can even be possible.

Learn how to support the community

Cop something from a small business

Anyone whose primary goal is to spread the gospel of cannabis and use it to positively impact humanity should have a chance to participate in this budding industry. Shopping at a small dispensary and/or purchasing weed from a small brand are two excellent ways to show you believe the same.

Gift weed to a person in need

Fam, there's no better feeling than giving people fire weed. Especially people that don't have the means to buy it themselves. Use today to bless another human with some heat. Maybe a homeless person. Maybe a mooching ass friend. Whoever. Let this be a day that you share terps with the needy.

Puff, puff, pass, ya know?

puff puff pass

Reflect on why we use cannabis in the first place

4/20 is an excellent day for a personal welfare check. You're already smoking. You're already in an elevated mind state. So why not sit back and reflect on the benefits weed brings you? If it has made you more patient, smoke to that. If it has made you more conscious of a person, smoke to that.

Sometimes, the true reason we all consume cannabis — to feel more like our complete selves — gets buried under society's idea that “getting high" is the plant's biggest benefit. If you've lost that idea, there's no better day than 4/20 to rediscover it.

Take a break from arguing about the best weed or brands

Shut the hell up today. Honestly. Both the industry and its consumers are obsessed with the notion of “best" when there is truly no such thing. The best weed will forever be subjective — so will the best brand. No amount of weed you smoke or sell will ever change the truth about human nature.

If your head is constantly up your ass with ego and opinions about what people smoke, how people smoke, etc., then give yourself a vacation from being that person today. I know you're exhausted.