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The best shows to watch high in 2022

Brianna Wheeler March 22, 2022   2:20 pm PDT | Updated 1 year ago

Long before we were universally furloughed to our futons, cannathusiasts were already abandoning planned nights out in favor of snacks and extended watch parties. Our knowledge of Netflix docs is often exceptional, our Prime recommendations are tops, and our reverence for HBO is substantial. One savvy pothead endorsement can be more valuable than a dozen published critiques.

Bonus: we can suggest lovely products and strains to maximize your media enjoyment.

So whether you're shopping for low-stakes viewing or the absolute best program to obsess over, check out these stoner-endorsed productions.

Passive watching for active stoners

Load up on some light and airy strains for these easy-watching shows perfect as background noise or for comfort watching.

Leave it to Geege

Lifetime fans of lifestyle-centric style reality franchises might appreciate the hyper-specific lens of Leave it to Geege's fascinating Atlanta family. Matriarch Geege heads a motley crew of both neurotypical and neurodiverse personalities — including her nonverbal 19-year-old son Pootie — through basic, day-in-the-life type scenarios.

The whole package is super accessible reality fluff that just happens to normalize and celebrate neurodiversity.

Where you can watch it: Lifetime, Amazon

Strain pairing: Durban Haze

Abbot Elementary

Created by Quinta Brunson, patron saint of contemporary video memes, Abbot Elementary is a mockumentary-style sitcom set in a Philadelphia grammar school.

For stoners who covet a solid, easy-to-watch comfort-sitcom, and who've already run through every episode of The Office and Parks and Rec, this show should be next up in your network sitcom queue.

Where you can watch it: ABC, Hulu, Amazon

Strain pairing: Cheesewreck

Adam Eats the 80s

Once the munchies kick in, nothing hits like a cooking and eating show centered around a very specific era of cuisine.

Adam Richman, formerly known for his debaucherous — and sometimes hard to watch — Food Channel show, Man vs Food, has pivoted his energy away from death-defying eating challenges and has moved his schtick to the History Channel where he serves wistfully researched culinary nostalgia rather than pig-out parties. Adam Eats the 80s is a cool touchstone for 80s kids exploring and redefining middle-aged stoner-hood through the weird crap they all used to eat.

Where you can watch it: The History Channel

Strain pairing: White 99

Best binge-worthy couch-lock viewings

Glued to the couch with nowhere to go? Flip on these binge-worthy shows for interesting long-haul watching.

The Tinder Swindler

Every generation has at least a few con artists whose schemes perfectly reflect that era's culture, and The Tinder Swindler is for sure one of ours. Without giving away too much, Simon Leviev swindled dozens of women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by exploiting them via the ubiquitous dating app Tinder.

Pro tip: If you're stoned to the bone, you might start yelling incredulously at your TV screen. For the neighbor's sake, beware of your volume.

Where you can watch it: Netflix

Strain pairing: Dosidos

Inventing Anna

Unlike the Tinder Swindler, Anna Sorokin's targets were big banks, rich socialites, and — in more unfortunate episodes — her ride-or-die homegirls. Some viewers may squirm over her manipulative techniques and her penchant for throwaway friendships, but if you can stomach the scandalous bits recounted in Inventing Anna, her story makes for one of the most WTF watches of the year. Especially if you're already high out of your mind.

Where you can watch it: Netflix

Strain pairing: LA Confidential

Shows to laugh so hard you'll cry

Need a pick-me-up? Load up the pipe and laugh until your sides ache with these comical seasons.

Our Flag Means Death

Created by Taika Waititi, Our Flag Means Death is based on the true story of an 18th-century aristocrat who ghosted his family to live as a pirate.

Bonus: This series features an awesome list of guest stars, including Waititi himself as the infamous pirate Blackbeard.

Where you can watch it: HBO Max

Strain pairing: Blue Dream


This Canadian ensemble comedy is based in rural Ontario, and for the uninitiated, introduces a whole new language of inside jokes, bon mots, and distinctly Canadian asides that the fandom connects over. Plus, the requisite stoner of the Letterkenny squad is also the resident smartypants, dreamboat, and know-it-all. We love to see it.

Letterkenny's eleventh season drops later this year.

Where you can watch it: Hulu, Amazon

Strain pairing: Hashberry