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Weedmaps Buyer's Guide: 4/20

Weedmaps News April 4, 2019   7:53 pm PDT | Updated 3 years ago

4/20 is just around the corner. And like everything else in 2020, it's going to be completely unlike anything we've ever experienced. Before the coronavirus pandemic, not only was 4/20 our official day of all things weed, but it was also the unofficial kickoff to summertime, signaling the arrival of party season with a day of weedy BBQs, branded pot parties, and hazy public smoke-ins (like the notorious 4/20 celebration on SF's Hippie Hill)

This year, we'll be lucky if we can leave the house at all. While spending the day in self-quarantined isolation isn't exactly the celebration we imagined, it's important to find a silver lining in times like these. Wildflowers are blooming, summer's fast approaching, and, most importantly, dispensaries have been deemed essential businesses in most legal states, so we can still spend the day getting high as fuck.  

From magical tinctures and next level joint packs to futuristic dab tools and tie-dyed rolling papers, here's our 4/20 Buyer's Guide in Quarantine. We've included everything you need to make a one-person weed rager worthy of a livestream. 

THC Design Crescendo Joint Pack

Have you been going Live on Instagram to an audience of no one? Is your apartment cleaner than it's ever been in your adult life? Are you in an argument with your dog for the third time this week? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from cabin fever. 

Since airplanes have become flying incubators and there's no point in driving to another shutdown city, a mental vacation will have to do. Enter: The Crescendo Joint Pack by THC Design.  As magnificent as the word itself, Crescendo is a sativa testing at 30% THC that keeps you feeling clear and bright as you hurdle past the stars. The six joint, 3.5-milligram tin pack is your shuttle and each joint a ticket to fly. Light up to commence countdown.  

Available: California

Price: $50 — Find THC Design on Weedmaps

Claybourne Co. Shake 'N Bake 

What could be better than two grams of perfectly ground flower in a pocket-sized jar? An added gram of high-quality kief to the mix, of course. With the Shake 'N Bake, California brand Claybourne and Co has done just that. 

The perfect ratio of this jar packs a MAJOR punch. Whether you smoke it straight from a bong, roll high octane joints, sprinkle some over a spliff, or use the mixture like a condiment to spice up pre-existing bowls, there's never a situation that doesn't call for this little godsend. 

Available in different strain varieties like Wedding Cake, the familial genetic cross of GSC and Cherry Pie. Tangy and sweet with a little pepper spice, enjoy this double dose of dank with care. Potent is an understatement.  

Available: California

Price: $32 — Find Claybourne Co. on Weedmaps

Kiva's Churro Milk Chocolate Bar

It's unbelievable how much this 100-milligram milk chocolate bar from Kiva tastes like a churro. Dusted in cinnamon sugar and somehow possessing the buttery, savory flavor of fried dough, it's as if a Tijuana street vendor dipped a fresh churro in dosed chocolate just for you. 

At 5 milligrams THC per serving, this edible is perfect for those who are either new to the weed game or simply want a smooth, balanced experience. Start with one serving but beware of something called the churro chocolate munchie vortex, a vicious cycle of eating chocolate because you're high and being high because you're eating the chocolate. 

Available: California

Price: $20—$24 — Find Kiva Confections on Weedmaps 

PLUG DNA: Masterpiece OG Cartridge

Full disclosure: This is one of, if not the, strongest cartridges I've ever tried. Not recommended for first time users or anyone who doesn't like getting unmanageably stoned. 

PLUGplay is a vaping platform focused on creating the most potent cartridges, or Plugs as they're called, available. They specialize in creating an experience that bridges the gap between vaping and dabbing and is unlike anything else on the market. 

Clocking in at a whopping 87.9% THC, the Masterpiece OG Plug is a limited edition, exclusive collaboration with SFV legends Masterpiece. With a sharp, earthy aroma and heavily euphoric head and body high, let this be the Plug for your next deep unwind sesh. Hit it slow, it hits strong, wait five minutes and cease to care. 

Available: California

Price: $55—$70 — Find PLUGplay on Weedmaps

Korova Sativa Toffee Mini Cookies 

Before Prop 64 obliterated the California edibles market in 2016, Korova was famous for megadose treats like 1000 milligram brownies and 100-milligram cookies. While still available in states that allow it, they, unfortunately, had to comply with CA's stringent 10 milligram-per-serving edible cap. A bummer, yes, but this also prompted the creation of these very excellent Sativa Toffee Mini Cookies. 

Tasting great with a fun, upbeat high, these cookies are perfect for partying solo. They're 10 milligrams each, 45 calories per, and pack the kind of ingredients you would expect to find in a cookie you baked yourself. Eat one and chill. Eat more and get weird. 

Available: California

Price: $16—$20 — Find Korova on Weedmaps

Yummi Karma Mood Magic 

If this 4/20 finds you too bummed to turn up, focus your energy on feeling better about our new reality rather than trying to obliterate reality. CBD is an option, sure. But is CBD enough to take the sting out of missing the 4/20 celebration in a year where every day in April is technically 4/20? Probably not. 

Because circumstances like these tend to supersede the medicinal reach of CBD, kick it up a notch with Yummi Karma's incredible elixir, Mood Magic. Each dropper doses you with 10 milligrams THC (from whole-plant cannabis extract), Raspberry Leaf Extract, Eleuthero Root, Maca Root, Dandelion Root. 

Sweet to taste and simple to take, Mood Magic packs enough chill to melt psychical anxiety and silence paranoid thoughts, regardless of the horrible news streaming into your inbox. 

Available: California

Price: $30—$45 — Find Yummi Karma on Weedmaps

The Vision Lightning Peak 

The Puffco Peak is an electronic dab rig that completely revolutionized the world of concentrates when it burst onto the scene a few years ago. By simplifying the process of taking a dab with a sleek design and user-friendly interface reminiscent of an Apple device, the Peak helped to shatter the stigma of drug use that's tainted an otherwise great method of intake. 

This 4/20, let the Vision Lightning Peak take you on a psychedelic journey of introspection. The perfect companion to any psychonaut, this wild device features a silicone base with a prismatic gradient, iridescent metal band, colored glass inner-cone and straw, and a purple carb to complete the look. Turn on the Peak, tune into some dab action, and drop out of this sick, sad world for as long as humanly possible. 

Available: Nationwide

Price:  $399.99

EVRI by Dip Devices

The EVRI by Dip Devices is a one-stop-shop for consuming concentrated cannabis in three ways. Thanks to a magnetic battery and two simple attachments, you can now dab in your bathtub, near the living room, or even 20 feet outside your building while watching your dog pee. The possibilities are endless. 

To use as a dab straw, attach the battery to the Vapor Tip and watch as it turns concentrate into fat clouds on contact. Then switch attachments and transform your dab straw into a regular vape pen that takes both 510 cartridges and Juul pods. 

Available: Nationwide

Price: $69.99

Tie-Dyed Rolling Papers

Like wildflowers growing in a dead field, or a hot pink scrunchie with an all-white outfit, a single pop of color can really brighten the mood. For a mood as bad as ours, however, we're going to need to imagine that all the colors in existence have formed an infinite spiral and are projecting pure white light on bad vibes of fear, sadness, and paranoia. Translation: spend the afternoon listening to the Grateful Dead and rolling joints with these cool tie-dye papers. 

This pack by Papers and Ink features 12 king-sized, unbleached rolling papers, all printed with non-toxic vegetable-based colorings. It comes complete with ultra-slim filters and a packing tool to ensure your joint will be as bright and beautiful as you are.

Available: Nationwide

Price: $28 


Almost nothing can ruin a day where all you have to do is get high. Then, before you know it, bowl number 112 doesn't snap. It hits you like you hit your bong: your glass is filthy, and there isn't rubbing alcohol for 100 miles in every direction. The horror. 

To avoid a nightmare scenario such as this, add a few drops of RezBlock to the water to keep your glass clean and fresh throughout the day, and maybe even the duration of the apocalypse. 

Available: Nationwide

Price: $14.34

Relieve CBD Tincture

Sometimes smoking too much weed can backfire, especially in a high-stress situation like existing through your second month in quarantine. If at any point during your 4/20 isolation celebration you feel like you need to shut down, pass out, and start over in a couple of hours (or maybe even the morning), check out the Relieve CBD Tincture from Bloom Farms.

Each dropper of this 600 milligrams of potent full-spectrum CBD oil will aid in daily wellness, relaxation, and what we personally use it for, passing tf out.

Available: Nationwide

Price: $55 — Find Bloom Farms on Weedmaps

Daily High Club 4/20 Box

Even for the most seasoned stoners, preparing for 4/20 can be daunting — whether or not you're spending it alone. That's why it's good to have a couple of one-stop-shops on hand. This April, Daily High Club recently released their annual one-of-a-kind 4/20-themed box to serve a flood of holiday needs. Named “El Primo,” this year's box includes:

  • Anodized Champagne Bong V2
  • Premium 14mm Male Glass Bowl
  • RAW Metal Ashtray
  • RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Wide
  • Full-size Clipper Dinosaur Lighter
  • Royal Blunts XXL 2 Pack OGK Hemp Wraps
  • 4-2-0 Odor Eliminator Spray
  • RooR King Size Pre-Rolled Cone Pack
  • Buddies Airtight Tube
  • Daily High Club Sticker Set

Available: Nationwide

Price: $29.99

'Weed — Everything You Want To Know But Are Always Too Stoned to Ask'

 If you're just now stepping into the wide world of weed, “Weed — Everything You Want to Know But Are Always Too Stoned to Ask” by Michelle Lhooq is a fresh, fun, boldly illustrated guide to the modern age of cannabis, including tips on smoking, growing, making edibles, as well as interviews with weed scene celebrities and cannabis innovators. Now's the time to learn something new while holed up in quarantine.

Available: Nationwide

Price: $8.99

Wandering Bud Blunt Holder

Simple, crafty, elegant, and a joy to smoke with, these ceramic triangular blunt holders from Etsy shop Wandering Bud will make a great addition to your personal smoke stash. Beautiful and whimsical with a touch of gold, you'll feel like floating off to Neverland and far away from the numerous stresses of stay-at-home orders. 

Available: Nationwide

Price: $25

Cheech & Chong's 'Up in Smoke 40th Anniversary' 

Round out your 4/20 product arsenal with a stoner comedy classic. Cheech & Chong's landmark ode to getting high and being funny AF commemorated its 40th anniversary in 2018 with a remastered release. Whether you stream or add the Blu-ray to your stoner media collection, “Up in Smoke” remains an excellent high-watch, especially at 4/20. Load up Zoom, ping your friends and have a virtual watch-party together. 

Available: Nationwide

Price: $4.99—$10

Calexo Weed Drinks

Calexo is going to be the hottest weed drink of the summer, even if we have to spend it inside. Brought to you by a hip group of queer LA artists, this brand new, delicately effervescent beverage is a perfect alcohol alternative. Due to nano-emulsified THC reacting sublingually as opposed to being processed by the liver, each 22oz bottle is dosed with 10mg of special THC formula that can hit you in 10 minutes. Available in Cucumber Citron and Citrus Rose, the latter being our personal favorite.

Available: California

Price: $20 a bottle

Aster Farm's Day to Night Pack 

Aster Farm's Day to Night Pack is one of the most creative products on the market. Of the five .7g joints in the pack, each strain is unique, offering an experience based on their sun-scape guide (Sunrise, Radiant, Sunset, Moonlight, Outerspace). From snappy sativas to out of this world indicas, the pack is versatile enough to make an adventure out of almost any activity, no matter how banal.

To start your 4/20 adventure, light up a Sunrise joint of bright sativa and clean your room for the 100th time before failing at trying to meditate. Around noon, take your party to the kitchen with a hybrid Radiant joint, and share an Instagram story of yourself making a quesadilla in complete silence. Next, lay face down on the couch for an undisclosed amount of hours. Come nightfall, light up a Moonlight joint of indica while ordering a pizza from your phone. You've earned it. 

Available: California

Price: $40

Maven OG Diamond Sugar Concentrate

Maven OG's gooey world of golden terpenes and glistening diamonds is a far, far better one than the world of screens and boredom we're currently inhabiting. Luckily, this limited batch is just hitting the market. 

A collaboration with Monterey-based extract legends Candy Stripe Concentrates, Maven OG Diamond Sugar has strong citrus and pine aroma, a rich spectrum of flavor and a SUPER heady high to boot. One dab will knock you down, two will knock you out and three is simply too many.

Available: California

Price: Varies

By Lindsay MaHarry and Andy Andersen