Pinner joints explained: How to roll a pinner joint

A pinner is slang for a small, thin joint.

The term “pinner" is in reference to a sewing pin and applies to any small, tightly rolled joint that is thin and straight, unlike most joints that are bigger and rolled into cones.

If the regular joint is about one gram of cannabis flower, a pinner would be a half — or even a third — of a gram. And unlike a mini or “dogwalker" joint, which is standard in width but short in length and often sold as pre-rolls, pinners are still long but thin.

Should I roll pinners?

While the term “pinner" can be used to mock a lackluster joint, there are good reasons to roll and smoke pinners. Some cannabis lovers enjoy them because they're snugly packed and burn more consistently than larger and looser joints. However, other cannabis enthusiasts would argue the higher paper-to-flower ratio of a pinner makes them harsher to smoke than a normal joint.

And pinners can be used as a way to stretch out your weed supply — they make premium bud, like a private reserve, last a little longer, so they can be great for consuming expensive flower sparingly. These small joints also offer an easier way to start hand rolling, since large joints can be challenging for the novice cannabis roller.

They're useful for light to moderate consumption by yourself or with a friend — pinners are also known as “percys" or “percy joints" which is slang for “personal" since they are often consumed individually. They're a good way to consume cannabis when sharing joints isn't possible or advisable.

How to roll a pinner joint

Rolling pinners is simple and straightforward.

You'll need ground cannabis flower, rolling paper (a small “single-wide" or 1¼" paper would work for a pinner), and a crutch (or filter).

  1. Position the crutch at one end of your rolling paper, with the glue strip facing up and on the side furthest from you
  2. Folding the paper in a U-shaped boat, add the ground flower evenly above the crutch
  3. Gently roll the flower filled paper back and forth between your fingers until it compacts and forms a cylinder shape — adjust evenness of the flower if needed
  4. Bring the cylinder of flower down to the end of the paper closest to you, then roll it in on itself to start closing it up — be sure to roll it fairly tight
  5. Lick the glue strip and seal, then twist off the open end
  6. Light it up
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