How to roll a cross joint

Whether you want to impress friends or simply relive the glorious cannabis moment from the film “Pineapple Express,” rolling a cross joint is undeniably impressive. The cross joint may seem complex but never fear — it's easier than you might think to make this respect-commanding super joint. Read on to achieve true stoner brownie points and roll your own cross joint. 

What do you need to roll a cross joint?

You'll need to assemble the following materials to construct a cross joint:

  • Your favorite strain of cannabis.
  • Grinder.
  • Full-size rolling papers.
  • Small rolling paper.
  • Pin, needle, or other small, sharp object.
  • Scissors.
  • Some friends to light the extra tips of your finished cross joint (optional).

How to roll a cross joint

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Follow these steps to roll a cross joint and impress your friends.

  1. Gather your supplies

    You'll need to assemble the following materials to construct a cross joint: Your favorite strain of cannabis, a grinder, full-size rolling papers, small rolling paper, a small sharp object, and scissors.
    how to roll a cross joint

  2. Roll a fat joint

    Roll a fat joint using the full-size rolling paper. Grind up your favorite strain of cannabis — if you haven't already done so — and stuff this bad boy full of much more bud than you would for a typical smoke session. The more cannabis in your joint, the easier the cross joint is to build. When finished, leave a little bit of an empty twist on the end to make your joint easier to light when it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    rolling a cross joint

  3. Roll a thin joint

    Next, roll a thin joint to use as the “cross” section of your cross joint. Rolling a thinner joint makes it easier to assemble, while one closer in size to the larger joint makes for a more even burn. Practice makes perfect, and trying both methods is a great excuse to roll two cross joints. When finished, leave a twist at both ends of your thin joint.

    how to roll a cross joint

  4. Poke a hole in the fat joint

    With your joints complete, it's time to make a few modifications. Take a pin or needle and poke a hole approximately three quarters above the bottom of your fat joint. Be gentle and slowly navigate the needle all the way through the joint.

    rolling a cross joint

    Once you're in, use the needle to gently wiggle the hole wider. Don't worry about gouging a large hole, as a smaller opening creates a better seal once you insert the second joint. Eyeball the width of your thin joint and try to make the poked hole slightly smaller.

  5. Poke a hole in the thin joint

    Set aside the larger joint for now. Grab your thinner joint and use your needle to poke a hole straight through the middle, again wiggling the hole wider. This hole should be smaller than the first one you made, approximately twice the diameter of the needle you're using to poke it. This small hole allows the smoke from the smaller joint to flow up through the larger joint and into your mouth. Take the time to be precise — get this wrong and your cross joint will be unsmokable.

    rolling a cross joint

  6. Assemble the cross joint

    Here comes the hard part: assembling the cross joint. Carefully insert one end of the thin joint through the hole of your larger joint. Slowly twist, push, and pull the joint through the hole until the small hole in your thin joint is inside the fat joint. The closer you can get the small hole to the center of the fat joint, the better and more evenly your cross joint will burn. Be careful not to move too fast or roughly to avoid breaking either joint.

    how to roll a cross joint

  7. Reinforce the intersection

    With the pieces assembled, it's time for some last-minute reinforcements. Grab your scissors and two more rolling papers, regardless of size. Cut the glue off the rolling papers and wrap the glues criss-cross around the crux of your cross joint, reinforcing the section where your thin joint passes through the large one. This extra step adds structure and keeps the joint completely airtight.

    how to roll a cross joint

  8. Light up the cross joint

    You're finally ready to light up your epic cross joint. Recruit a friend or two, grab three lighters, and spark up all three ends simultaneously. 

    smoking a cross joint

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