Smoking a bowl is a classic way to consume marijuana. Bowls are mainstays in cannabis culture. Here's everything you need to know about packing and smoking a bowl for consuming cannabis.

What is a bowl?

A bowl is one of the main components of a pipe or bong. It is the rounded-out part into which you pack the cannabis.

weed bong bowl
When you ignite the marijuana and inhale through the mouthpiece, the smoke travels out of the hole, through the pipe, and into your lungs.
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At the bottom of the bowl is a hole leading to the body of the pipe. When you ignite the marijuana and inhale through the mouthpiece, the smoke travels out of the hole, through the pipe, and into your lungs. 

Bowls look and function a little bit differently depending on if they're in a regular pipe or in a bong. Bowls on the end of a pipe typically have a hole on the side called a carb. The carb plays a key role in controlling airflow. Covering it causes the smoke to build up in the chamber and releasing it allows full airflow, quickly clearing the chamber of smoke as you inhale. Bowls used with a bong usually do not have a carb. Instead, you control airflow by sliding the bowl in and out of the bong's downstem. Some bongs may have carbs on the chamber instead of removable bowls — it's best to check before lighting up. 

What you need to pack a bowl

To pack and smoke a bowl, you will need a few basic cannabis supplies:

  • Cannabis
  • A grinder
  • A pipe or bong with a bowl
  • A lighter or hemp wick
  • A tamping tool (optional)

How to pack a bowl

Time needed: 10 minutes.

After you gather your supplies, you're ready to pack your bowl.

  1. Grind the weed

    Nugs don't burn very well if you light them whole so it's important to grind your cannabis for an even smoke. Small pieces of about the same size burn more evenly and consistently.The best way to accomplish this is with a grinder. To use a grinder, place a medium-sized nug into the chamber where the grinding teeth are located. Put the cap back on and twist it back and forth until the nug is completely ground. If you do not have a grinder, you can use a pair of clean, sharp scissors or your hands to break your nug into small, evenly-sized pieces.

    grinding weed

  2. Pack the bowl

    Once you've ground the cannabis, carefully pick up a pinch of weed between your fingertips. Place it into the bowl and gently tamp it down with your finger, the flat end of a lighter, or a tamping tool. Don't pack it too tightly, otherwise you'll have difficulty pulling the smoke through the bowl and into the pipe. Overloading the bowl can also clog the hole at the bottom.

    Tip: Hold your pipe over a plate or tray while you're packing it so you can easily gather up any pieces of weed that fall out during the process.

    packing a bowl weed

    Once you've ground your marijuana, carefully pick up a pinch of weed between your fingertips and pack the weed into the bowl.

  3. Smoke

    If using a pipe, hold it in one hand with your thumb or finger covering the carb hole. Place the pipe to your lips. With your other hand, use a lighter or hemp wick to light a corner of the bowl. Once the weed sparks, pull the flame away and begin inhaling gently. When you're ready to fully inhale, remove your thumb from the carb and give a big drag. All the smoke that has built up inside the pipe will now rush into your lungs. Congrats on completing a smoking session.

    man smoking marijuana pipe

    For a bong, place your lips inside the mouthpiece of the bong and put flame to the cannabis in the bowl. Inhale gently as the piece fills with smoke. When you're ready to fully inhale, remove the bowl from the downstem, and inhale sharply. (If your bong has a carb on the side of the chamber, use it the same way as one in a pipe.) 

    man smoking bong

  4. Ash your bowl

    When the marijuana has all been burned, dump out the ash so your bowl is ready to be repacked for your next session.

Bottom line

While it might seem intimidating at first, learning to pack a perfect bowl to smoke cannabis is pretty simple and something anyone can do with a little practice. 

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