Generally, a session is a social gathering with a group, usually friends. In the weed world, a session, also referred to as a smoke session, smoke sesh, or just sesh, is a communal act of smoking cannabis that typically involves two or more people passing around a joint, blunt, pipe, or bong. There are many social norms to follow when a whole group enjoys a smoke session, including which direction to pass, not “bogarting,” offering to contribute or throw in, and other basic cannabis etiquette. One of the most iconic sessions among marijuana smokers is when people all over the world gather on April 20, or 4/20 Day, to participate in the act of smoking cannabis.

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How to enjoy a smoke sesh

For many people, sessions are among the most enjoyable aspects of consuming cannabis, since they involve hanging out with a group of friends. A smoke sesh is a fun way to bond , have conversation or listen to music, and get to know new people better. Either way, a smoke session is a social practice, so be sure to use good etiquette:

  • Puff, puff, pass it along
  • Pass to the left
  • Be gracious if others offer to share their cannabis in a spirit of community
  • Offer to pitch in for the cost of the weed, or if you have weed with you, add it to the sesh
  • Keep the tip or mouthpiece dry, don't get your saliva all over it
  • Ash it, or gently tap the burned ash off the joint, before passing

Individuals typically take the first hit if they rolled the joint or blunt or packed the bowl, but it's always polite to offer it to the host or a newcomer.  

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