How to make a pumpkin bong

Between apple pipes and watermelon bongs, there's no shortage of creative ways to smoke cannabis. But crafting a pumpkin bong on a brisk, autumnal evening may be the best way to celebrate the gourd and the season. With the same tools you use to carve pumpkins for Halloween — plus a few elevated accessories — you can experience the magic of the season on another level.

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How does a pumpkin bong work?

When assembled correctly, pumpkin bongs work just like any other bong. You light the weed on one end, suck in air through the other, and voila — a cloud of water-filtered smoke arrives ready to get you high. Aside from what weed you'll be smoking, the most important decision you'll make is the size of your pumpkin. Get an extra-large pumpkin if you're looking to get extra-high and a small pumpkin if you're looking for a few petite rips. In terms of functionality, it doesn't matter which pumpkin you go with so long as there's enough room inside to accommodate your downstems, water, and air. 

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How do you make a pumpkin bong?

What you'll need:

How to make a pumpkin bong step by step

Time needed: 45 minutes.

Making a pumpkin bong at home is as easy as making a Jack-o'-lantern.

  1. Cut out the stem of your pumpkin.

    Using your carving knife, cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin around the stem. Use the stem as a handle to pull out this top piece and scrape off the seeds attached to it. Set it aside so you can use it later as a lid. 

    how to make a pumpkin bong

  2. Scoop out the seeds.

    Use your spoon to scoop out the pumpkin seeds. When you're done, the inside should look scraped clean.

    scooping out pumpkin seeds

  3. Trace some downstem holes.

    Using your marker, trace two downstem holes on opposite sides of the pumpkin. 

    how to make a pumpkin bong

  4. Cut the holes where you traced.

    Using your knife, cut holes just inside the traced circles so the downstems can squeeze inside tightly.

  5. Plug in your downstems.

    Fit the downstems inside those holes, pointing them downward at a (roughly) 45-degree angle. 

    how to make a pumpkin bong

  6. Add some water.

    Pour enough water inside the pumpkin to submerge the bottoms of the downstems.

    how to make a pumpkin bong

  7. Put the pumpkin lid back on.

    Put the top piece back on the pumpkin. You're almost ready to light up.

    how to make a pumpkin bong

  8. Pack the bowl with weed.

    Pack the bowl with your favorite weed and place it in one of the downstems.

    how to make a pumpkin bong

  9. Light up and enjoy!

    Grab your lighter and rip that pumpkin bong, using the bowl-less downstem as your mouthpiece.

    how to make a pumpkin bong

Tips and tricks

Use cool or iced water to better cool down the smoke as it travels through your pumpkin bong. To avoid inhaling any mold or contaminants, use your pumpkin bong for one day only before emptying the water and carving it into a regular Jack-o'-lantern. Happy Halloweed!

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