ˈē-nāl | Noun

Short for electronic nail, an e-nail is a dabbing device that is digitally controlled and lets the user set and maintain a precise temperature on a dab rig. 


“This e-nail kit has everything I need for dabbing.”


“My e-nail helps me keep the right temperature on my dab rig.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-nail?

An e-nail is a dabbing device that contains a controller box that delivers heat to the nail. The controller box on the electric nail dabber allows the user to regulate the temperature of the e-nail with the touch of a button. Temperature regulation provides a more balanced and consistent smoking experience. 

How do you use an e-nail?

An electric dab rig is easy to use because it is designed to be automatically controllable. Simply plug your e-nail into a power source, turn on, and set your desired temperature. Season the e-nail and start dabbing!


What is a good e-nail temp?

The temperature used may vary depending on the cannabis concentrate. Unlike traditional hand torches and nails, the e-nail maintains a constant temperature and does not cool down after its use. Sometimes called e-rigs, e-nails are battery-powered and can reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, or 538 degrees Celsius, in a matter of seconds.

What is the best e-nail for dabs?

The best e-nail dab rig will offer the highest levels of temperature regulation and may be expensive. The investment in a good e-nail can be worth the price for someone who enjoys smoking cannabis concentrates with optimal flavor and doesn’t want to keep spending money on butane. 


E-nail materials are also a factor to consider. Titanium nails tend to be the most durable, while ceramic nails are excellent at retaining heat and allow for a longer dabbing session. Quartz nails heat up quickly and are good for spontaneous dabs.