Short for electronic nail, an e-nail is a quartz, ceramic, or titanium surface with temperature controls. E-nails are used in conjunction with a dab rig, an apparatus used for dabbing

An e-nail dab is a dab taken with the help of an e-nail.

dab rig e-nail
An e-nail dab is a dab taken with the help of an e-nail.
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Frequently asked questions

What is an e-nail?

An e-nail is a dabbing device connected to a controller box that delivers heat to the nail. The controller box allows the user to regulate the temperature of the e-nail with the touch of a button or turn of a dial. Regular, non-electronic, nails are heated with a handheld torch, which can result in inconsistent dabbing results. Temperature regulation provides a more balanced and consistent smoking experience. 

How do you use an e-nail?

Like any new nail, you'll want to properly season a new e-nail first to get rid of any residual dirt or chemicals left over from the manufacturing process. You don't want to breathe any chemicals or ruin your first dabs with a metallic taste. Then just set the rig to the optimum temp for your chosen concentrate and dab away. 

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The right e-nail can set you up for the perfect e-nail dab. 
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What is a good e-nail temp?

The best temperature will vary depending on the cannabis concentrate and effects you're trying to achieve. Unlike traditional handheld butane torches and nails, the e-nail maintains a constant temperature and does not cool down after use. 

Sometimes called e-rigs, e-nails can reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (538 degrees Celsius) in a matter of seconds. One of the advantages of precise temperature control is the ability to dial in the right number for exactly the compound in which you're most interested. 

For example, the terpene limonene, with its citrus smell and reported energizing properties, vaporizes at 348 degrees Fahrenheit (175 Celsius) while relaxing linalool is ready at 388 degrees (198 C). The best temp for getting the most THC from a concentrate is 311 degrees (155 C); for CBD, it's 329 degrees (165 C).  

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An e-nail dab may be more effective and precise than a dab using a handheld torch.
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What is the best e-nail for dabs?

The best e-nail dab rig will offer the highest levels of temperature regulation and may be expensive. The investment in a good e-nail can be worth the price for someone who enjoys smoking cannabis concentrates with optimal flavor and doesn't want to keep spending money on butane for handheld torches. 

E-nail materials are also a factor to consider. Titanium nails tend to be the most durable, while ceramic nails are excellent at retaining heat and allow for a longer dabbing session. Quartz nails heat up quickly and are good for spontaneous dabs. 

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