Banger Bead

\ˈbaŋ-ər ˈbēd | Noun

A small quartz ball that’s placed in the banger while dabbing in order to evenly distribute the concentrate on the surface of the banger. 


“I like taking low-temp dabs so I use banger beads for better distribution.”


“My banger is old and doesn’t distribute heat well, so I use a banger bead for more even dabs.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What are banger beads?

Banger beads are small quartz balls that spin around a banger when you’re taking a draw. The banger beads serve to balance the distribution of your concentrate when you’re dabbing. 

What are banger beads used for?

Banger beads, sometimes described as dab pearls or terp balls, are convenient for those who enjoy low-temperature dabs as they assist in the movement of melted concentrate to hotter areas of the banger. If you’re looking to maximize your flavor experience, banger beads are good for this purpose too as the even distribution provides a more full-bodied taste. 

How do you use banger pearls?

First, drop the banger pearl into your banger and heat up to your desired temperature. Next, put your dab in the banger and cap. You’ll see the banger pearl spinning around and working its magic to spread the cannabis concentrate across the nail. When you’re ready to smoke your creation, you might notice an added pop to the flavor and a balanced hit all-around.