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4.7 stars by 658 reviews
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4.7 stars

Multiple bad experiences

Always out of products but don’t remove them off of WM? This has been an issue every single time I’ve placed an order. Staff are rude and really don’t try to help you. Not sure if they even have any knowledge. Can never answer my questions and always have an attitude. Seems to be a bunch of college kids high all the time. Bad look. They never put my patient labels on. They just throw them in the bag. Not to mention everything is pre-packaged and I’ve been shorted multiple times. Why not do deli style?

Extremely Disappointed.

Remedy was the first dispensary I visited. I’ve been to several others but became a fan of a couple of the staff members. These certain employees really stood out with a great attitude, vibe, open communication and just fun to talk to. On the other hand, there have been those who seem like they don’t want to be there, seem judgmental and have spoken to me with an unnecessary attitude. Customer service is extremely difficult and it’s very hard to deal with the public. I understand that we are all individuals but a job is a job and if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all. I’m also disappointed with their inventory/stock. Things always seem to be out of stock. I really think that they should link their inventory to the online system so that it could show that a particular item is out of stock. I’m tired of having to settle for a different option. They should keep track of this and at least show compensation on even the most minute level to make up for it when this occurs each time.

Thought this day would never come

I am saddened to write this review as I usually come in to Remedy two times a week. I came in to Remedy on 5/4 for their “Shatter-day” deal. Had a young dark haired female buddtender who worked closest to the exit door. It was my first time having her and she has ruined my Remedy experience. I asked a few simple questions and was treated as if I was the dumbest person alive. She treated me in such a rude manner I have made the decision to never return to Remedy because ultimately, customer service is what makes the difference for me when it comes to choosing a dispensary since there are so so many to choose from. The older man and other staff have always been a pleasure to deal with but it sadly only takes one bad attitude to ruin something great :(

By far the best place around!

I live in Glen burnie with 3 dispensaries around me but always take the drive to Remedy . They always take good care of you and are so knowledgeable. That guy Tre,(shout out to Tre) I'm telling you he's the best! I HIGHLY recommend going to Remedy!!!

Keep it quick and a good supply

The most important thing for me personally is excellent pricing and quality buds I have been to many dispensaries not just in Maryland but all over the country and remedy is one of the better ones keep up the good work

Pretty good

They occasionally have deals like 3g/99, sometimes the shatter at hand is top notch. The receptionist is professionally nice. If they keep up shatter deals like that or better it just might make me become a regular! I already see potential here as I reviewed before. Keep up the good stuff, Remedy and good luck in the industry :)

Only place I’ll go over all the others

Never disappoints, with constant new buds!

excellent customer service and great products!!!

first time there went very well and I will continue to shop at this store over others I've been too! 100 percent recommended to anyone!!


Man, I love these guys. Every time I see them we have fun. They have Edibles back in. Go and see what they have in stock, the guys will treat you Wonderfully . Guy's I be back soon, love you guys

came in last week, great dispensary

I stopped in last week for the first time, and got some really good strains, I wasn't spending much money, but was still able to get my normal amount, I can't remember the budtendera name, but I was looking for something high in Myrcene, and most the strains I was choosing didn't have high levels, but she found me some MK ultra, and 2 other strains with nice terp profiles. The staff was really nice before entering the dispensary area, which I've found some places to lack, I'm going to be working at another dispensary in the area, and they told me they have a nice industry discount, I'll definitely be back, I love where I work, but if I'm going to go somewhere else this is the kind of service I want.

Thank you !!!!

Thank you remediibc for hookin me up and a special shoutout to Rachel for being an awesome budtender!!

legal finally !!!

Love coming here .. right up the street and love how it laid out and all the people I see on a regular.. keep up the amazing work !!


Don't waste your time ordering ahead, ur still going to wait. Defeats the purpose of offering the service in my opinion

I like it alot

Good atmosphere and friendly Budtenders and attendants


been here the past 3 days. haven't had something I dont like. I love this place.

great product and staff

great product and staff I definitely recommend

Great service

I feel comfortable at this place, they have good quality products and the best part is theyre right here in bc!

The best in the state!

Remedy has such a vast selection of products and strains compared to most other dispensaries in the area. Their daily prices are what other dispensaries “deals” are. The staff are beyond knowledgeable. The bud tender took all of the time necessary to describe all of the products and help me choose a strain that best suited me. The ambiance in the waiting room is welcoming and friendly. If you are new into the medical cannabis world, like me, I’d highly recommend giving this place a visit!

First timer

I'm a first-timer and I felt completely comfortable here. Everybody was very warm and welcoming. I was taught a lot and have no desire to go anywhere else even though I'm in Pasadena and Remedy is a good 25 minutes away. I'm sticking to this place for sure. They all seem very knowledgeable also which is a big plus in my book since I came in knowing nothing.

Awesome place - Liam great tender

Today i went into remedy it was slower then normal because of the rain! I did not feel pressured i had Liam help me! He was nothing but tons of help by far one of my favorite bud tenders! Hopefully when i go back Liam can continue to help me! He didn’t make me feel pressured into buying anything and told me how certain strains affected him! I love learning about Terps. And what they do and he helped tremendously! Thank you Liam hopefully i will be seeing you again shortly!