Weed dispensaries in Plymouth, MA

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Weed dispensaries in Plymouth, MA

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average price of an 8th in Plymouth 

The average price of an 8th in Plymouth is $50. Some of the strains at this price include; Lilac Cookies, Blue Cali Yo, Cookie Blizzard, Strawberry Apricot, Gelato, Mandarin Sunset, Tester, and Wifi 43. Other strains include; Master Kush at $30, Frosted Grapes at $35, Teifi Cookies at $30, Animal Mints at $58, Wonka Bars at $25, LA Kush Cake at $38, Motor Breath at $43, Sundae Driver at $45, Grape Pie at $55, Blue Dream at $45, Blue Dot at $60,  Black Ice at $43, Jack F1 at $43, Banjo at $60, Jack Herer at $38, The Creek at $60, Shangri-La at $45, and Slymer at $38.

Most popular strain in Plymouth

The most popular strain in Plymouth is Shangri-La. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a dense structure, and amber trichomes, giving the appearance of furry buds. Shangri-La has a sweet skunk berry flavor with hints of citrus and tropical mango.

Laws and regulations in Plymouth

  • Consumption of cannabis by adults 21 years and above is legal.

  • It is illegal to operate motor vehicles and bicycles under the influence of cannabis.

  • An adult 21 years of age and above can legally cultivate up to six cannabis plants but not more than 12 cannabis plants in a household. The cannabis plants must be grown in a secure place away from public view.

  • Adults 21 years and above with valid government-issued ID can legally purchase cannabis products.

  • It is illegal to consume cannabis products in public.

Flower/concentrate/edible possession limit in Plymouth

It is legal for adults 21 years and above to possess up to one ounce (28.5 grams) of dried cannabis, five milligrams of THC-infused cannabis, five grams of concentrate outside their residence, and up to ten ounces (283.5 grams) inside their homes. In addition, adults may cultivate and harvest up to six cannabis plants, with a maximum of 12 per household.

Difference between a storefront and dispensary

A storefront serves the needs of consumers without medical necessity while a dispensary serves the needs of consumers for medical necessity.

In a storefront, adults with a government-issued ID may purchase cannabis products without a medical marijuana card. In a dispensary, patients need a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis products, and there is a budtender who gives guidelines on how the patient should take medical marijuana products.

Difference between adult-use, or recreational and medical 

Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is consumed by adults for enjoyment while medical marijuana is used by patients to treat chronic conditions or symptoms.

Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis products are more expensive due to excise, state, and local taxes. Medical marijuana products are more affordable because excise taxes are waived on medical marijuana products.

Medical marijuana is sold in dispensaries and the patient has to have a medical marijuana card to access it. Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis, on the other hand, is offered in storefronts and you don’t need an MMJ card as long to access it, as long as you are of legal age with a valid, government-issued ID.

Medical patient benefits in Plymouth

  • Medical marijuana is exempt from state sales tax, making it more affordable for medical marijuana patients.

  • Medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts are given priority over adult consumers and can use patient-designated checkout lines.

  • Medical marijuana patients have access to a more extensive variety of cannabis products containing higher amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to treat medical conditions.

  • Minors who are medical patients with caregivers can take cannabis products so long as they have a medical marijuana card.

Medical marijuana information in Plymouth

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Gardener, you must be a resident of Massachusetts with a valid government-issued ID to show proof of residency. If you don’t have an ID, then a passport or other documents showing proof of residency can be used.

Medical marijuana patients at least 18 years of age must have a qualifying debilitating condition such as positive status for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), hepatitis C, Crohn’s disease, and other conditions.

The patient must obtain a legitimate certification either online or from a doctor registered by the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program. A PIN number will be issued afterward if the patient has a proven condition. 

The patient then registers online freely with the state medical marijuana program or requests a hard copy. If the patient is under 18 years, then the guardian or caregiver must also register.

If you are approved online, you will not receive a physical medical marijuana ID card, but you can print it or display it on their mobile phone. If you applied by mail, you will receive a physical card by mail, but will not have access to your account online.

Where does the Plymouth tax revenue go?

Plymouth's cannabis tax revenue is used by both the state and local governments to initiate various projects. Some of the projects include; educating the youths on the dangers of drug abuse, improving the health sector by employing more physicians, fixing roads, and improvement of security. Part of the money is also used to provide scholarships to students from impoverished families.