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Marijuana Dispensaries in Gaslamp District, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

The average price of an 8th in San Diego

The average price of an 8th in San Diego is $60. Some of the strains at this price include Strawberry Lemonade, Tropicanna, Cereal Milk, Mendo Kush, White Walker OG, Zookies, Blueberry, and Pineapple OG. Other strains include Tahoe OG at $45, Gorilla Glue at $44, Green Crack at $30, Wifi 43 at $40, Sour Diesel Lemon Kush at $38, Cypress cannabis at $35, Kush Mountains at $68, and White Rhino at $40.

The most popular strain in San Diego

The most popular strain in San Diego is Blue Dream. It’s a slightly sativa-dominant strain with a fruity flavor reminiscent of summertime berries. Blue Cheese is another favorite strain among consumers in San Diego. It has a unique flavor similar to blue cheese.

Laws and regulations in San Diego

  • Adults 21 years and above are allowed to legally transport, possess, and consume cannabis products.

  • Individuals can cultivate up to six cannabis plants, both indoors and outdoors. 

  • Licensed dispensaries may sell cannabis for adult-use, or recreational, use. 

  • Possession is limited to one ounce (28.5 grams) of cannabis or eight grams of concentrated cannabis. 

  • Possession or consumption of marijuana less than 1000 feet from a school, daycare, or youth center where there are minors is prohibited. 

  • It is illegal to smoke cannabis in any public place where tobacco smoking is also prohibited. 

Flower/concentrate/edible possession limit in San Diego

Adults 21 years and older are allowed to purchase and possess up to one ounce (28.5 grams) of cannabis or eight grams of concentrated cannabis. Adults at least 21 years older can grow up to six cannabis plants both indoors and outdoors in a secure place away from the public.

Difference between a storefront and a dispensary 

A storefront is oriented for people looking to consume adult-use, or recreational, cannabis while dispensaries offer medical marijuana to patients with medical conditions. 

In a storefront, a customer may purchase cannabis products without medical necessity, as long as they have a state-issued ID confirming their age. A dispensary may have a waiting room from where patients are invited into the salesroom by the budtender to discuss which cannabis products may be best suited for their symptoms and conditions.  

You need a medical marijuana card to access a dispensary. However, you don’t need a medical marijuana card to buy products from an adult-use cannabis storefront.


Difference between adult-use, or recreational, and medical marijuana

Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is used for enjoyment rather than to gain health benefits while medical marijuana is consumed to treat a defined medical condition. 

Medical cannabis has to be certified by a licensed physician who has proved the patient has a chronic condition. In contrast, adult-use, or recreational, cannabis requires no certification by a doctor or an expert.

Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is consumed without a qualified doctor's instructions. On the contrary, medical marijuana is used according to a qualified doctor's instructions.

Medical patient benefits in San Diego 

  • Consumers with medical marijuana cards can purchase high-grade cannabis products from dispensaries to treat their conditions.

  • Medical marijuana patients can save up to 20 percent in extra fees charged to adult-use, or recreational, cannabis consumers.

  • With an MMJ card, you can grow up to 12 plants, with six mature or flowering plants. 

  • The legal age for adult-use, or recreational, cannabis users is 21 years, while for medical marijuana, it is 18 years. This means that qualifying patients below the age of 21 can access medical marijuana to alleviate the symptoms of their conditions.

Medical marijuana information in San Diego

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in San Diego is simple. You need a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed doctor to gain access to dispensaries in San Diego.

You can meet the doctor in person to confirm if you have a qualifying medical condition or opt for an online medical evaluation with a registered telemedicine clinician.

Once you get the medical marijuana recommendation, you report to the California Department of Health in San Diego, where you are enrolled in the Medical Marijuana Program.

You will then receive a valid medical marijuana card that can be renewed online when it expires.

Where does the San Diego tax revenue go? 

San Diego cannabis tax revenue is used to fund various programs within the city. Part of the money is spent on public safety to improve the security of the residents of San Diego and California at large. The remaining portion is used to finance Family Health Centers, which offer treatment services to the low-income residents of San Diego.

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Gaslamp District listings