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    Weed dispensariesin Mesa, AZ

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    Cannabis dispensaries in Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa聽

    Arizona voters overwhelmingly passed recreational cannabis regulations in 2020, and just months later, the first recreational dispensaries opened across the state. Within the Phoenix metropolitan area, three of the largest suburbs by population and land area have slightly different rules and regulations for recreational weed 鈥 so before you try to visit a Mesa dispensary, here鈥檚 what you need to know about Arizona鈥檚 cannabis laws and their variations in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa, the three main East Valley cities.

    Cannabis laws to know in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa

    All three East Valley cities have allowed the sale of medical cannabis in dispensaries since the state created a medical marijuana program in 2010. However, though Arizona allows for the sale and consumption of both medical and recreational cannabis, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa have passed additional restrictions on when and where adult-use weed can be sold.

    East Valley recreational cannabis laws

    The East Valley city that has seen the most economic development in the past few years, Gilbert was the first to attempt to ban recreational cannabis 鈥 even before the ballot initiative passed. At time of writing, recreational cannabis is only available for sale from one dispensary with dual medical and recreational licenses, and the creation of new retail establishments, testing facilities and other recreational cannabis businesses related to sale, production, storage, distribution or consumption is prohibited.

    Chandler and Mesa city councils passed similar regulations in December 2020. Fortunately, both Chandler and Mesa already enjoyed a larger number of medical marijuana dispensaries, so it is much easier to find and purchase recreational weed in these areas of the East Valley.

    Aside from restriction of access to recreational cannabis, the East Valley maintains the same rules regarding personal cannabis use as the rest of Phoenix. Adults over 21 are allowed to purchase and possess up to an ounce of dried cannabis flower and up to five grams of concentrates. Recreational users are likewise permitted to grow up to six cannabis plants at home, as long as cultivation is kept out of public view and in an enclosed, restricted space.

    Medical marijuana laws in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa

    Medical marijuana programs in the East Valley are controlled by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). Patients registered with ADHD who suffer from qualifying conditions can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis within a 14-day period from a medical marijuana dispensary. At-home cultivation is also permitted for medical users, who must adhere to the same rules as recreational growers. From a Mesa dispensary, patients are allowed to take advantage of cannabis delivery services, but the same is not true in Chandler or Gilbert.

    How to get a medical marijuana card in the East Valley

    Patients 18 years and older with a diagnosis of a qualifying condition can apply for a medical marijuana card through the ADHS portal. Medical marijuana applicants must supply a written certification from an Arizona-licensed physician, obtained within 90 days of application submission, as well as a copy of photo ID to establish residency within Arizona. The application costs $150, and patients should expect to receive a card between 10 and 15 days after submission, at which point patients can visit any Mesa dispensary.

    Patients younger than 18 can apply with the permission and supervision of an adult caregiver. Both patient and caregiver must hear the risks of medical cannabis from a physician, gain two physician recommendations for cannabis treatment and agree to allow the adult caregiver complete control over the patient鈥檚 dosage and cannabis administration.

    Where is it legal to consume cannabis in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa?

    Arizona law in general restricts cannabis consumption to private property restricted from public view, such as homes and apartments. Cities in the East Valley further restrict consumption, preventing recreational use on any city-owned property as well as in any space open to the public 鈥 which means outdoor use is not allowed anywhere in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa. As elsewhere in the Valley, consuming within a Mesa dispensary is not allowed.

    How to buy cannabis at an East Valley dispensary

    Because East Valley dispensaries by law have dual licenses for medical and recreational cannabis sales, patients (or caregivers) over 18 and adults over 21 can visit any Mesa dispensary or dispensaries in Chandler and Gilbert. Hours of operation are not governed by the state or cities; most are open between the hours of 9AM and 9PM, but shops can set their own operation schedules. Some dispensaries in the East Valley are equipped to accept card payments, but most still prefer cash transactions.

    How much does cannabis cost in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa?

    Typical East Valley dispensaries charge between $10 and $20 per gram of flower, depending on the strain and quality, and concentrates cost about twice that rate. These prices could fluctuate, depending on the price of cannabis in dispensaries in neighboring Valley cities.

    Cannabis taxes in the East Valley

    Arizona recreational dispensaries impose state and local sales taxes as well as a 16% excise tax on recreational cannabis purchases. At medical marijuana dispensaries, patients are subject to a 6.6% sales tax, and cities can levy between 2-3% more, if they choose. In the East Valley, cannabis tax revenues go toward funding community colleges and improving infrastructure like roads.