Down to Cloud

3.6 stars by 20 reviews
dispensary Perry, Oklahomamedical
Closed10:00am - 8:00pm

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3.6 stars

I loved it!

Half of the building is a vape shop & half is a dispensary. I am a fan of both and purchased from the dispensary today. I am from Stillwater and thought DowntoCloud had competitive prices and a great variety of products. The live plants for sale are much bigger and healthier than plants I've seen for the same price at other dispensaries. I can't wait to try this 150 mg tea I got today, a new gadget I got (twisty something-- check it out), and will go back (30 min drive for me) for infused cooking spices. they're right off I35. If they continue to thrive in Perry, maybe they'll open a Stillwater location. Either easy I'm headed back for the spices when I get the $$. Also, I got to look at the flower under a magnifying glass and the trichomes on Lemon Candy were so beautiful! Oh yeah, service was friendly and efficient. 🙂

my visit

nice clean inside and out still painting but no problem on entering or exit staff looked busy good looking clones at very decent price flower is good just alittle high from Stillwater prices but if you live there it save you a trip over all very nice and staff is great doing their jobs

not Impressed

although I liked the service. the product was way far from being up to par. I got the romulan brand and it did give me no affects of relief at all. highly disappointed in their selection. wasted 100 bucks in the trash. won't be visiting again.

Love our Local Dispensary

Love this family and their dedication. They go above and beyond to meet each patients specific needs. Great product and knowledgeable staff.


Have been here several different times and the product is not good at all. Just got some flower from there yesterday and it smelt and tasted of mold. Was very disappointing.

thumbs up to Tyler

very friendly knowledgeable help. I was impressed with the quality, they're a little more pricey then the dispensary I usually go to. but I will be a repeat customer.

Last resort only

There the only place in town and they know it.. Always a mystery what there going to have when you get there.. What they call top shelf there probably buying off the bottom shelf at a bigger dispensary. They never restock the good items and when they do there out for a week first.. I mean walmart dont wait until they run out of milk to order more ? No loyalty program and never give you anything free..
Down to Cloud
We apologize for being out of the prerolls you were wanting but we do have them back in stock as of today. The delivery got delayed, also we are working on getting a loyalty program going very soon and as for free stuff it isnt legal to get any thc products for free. Were a small family owned business and we try to do the best we can to insure that our patients are happy and are getting the medicine they need.
Official Response

Expensive Reggie

They charge 14-18$ a gram and the weed is below average. They charge 10$ a gram for shake and stems. The only positive about this place is they are friendly as they try screw you. I really wish Perry would open a dispensary that put patients first. This place seems concerned only with profit, not patients or quality BTW- weedmaps charges dispensaries thousands of dollars per month to list here.

Put a menu on Weedmaps!!!!

You are one of the only dispensary that doesn’t have its menu posted. I have about 15 friends/ and or family members who all have their card, including myself. We are all going to Stillwater because every dispensary has prices posted. We ALL live in Perry. I’d love to come shop more...but it’s hard when I have 50 other places that I can compare prices with, except for down to cloud. And TRUST ME, we would MUCH rather be giving our money to YOU...definitely not Stillwater.

Friendly Staff

the staff is super friendly. I’ve gone in there a bunch of times. although they don’t have a menu they do have 10 strains and 800 mg butter, carts, wax, Red Bud vapes, lots of edibles. even $10 grams sometimes with $7 grams of shake. there’s more but i don’t wanna type it all out

would try it if there was a menu

a menu would be helpful so the ones that dont live in perry can see what you have to offer..

Awesome service and good prices!

Most of what you can get in stillwater is the same price or more expensive than them! Local dispensary, you don’t have to drive for your medicine! Very happy with my service, and always are very accepting of help/advice on anything and will do their best to make you a happy customer!

doobies hat

great experience visited awhile ago. helpful guys I look forward to doing business in the future

wonderful family atmosphere

very knowledgeable, very friendly and always treats you like family. great selection!


Customer service is excellent knowledge of strains is on point knows what to recommend for different affects and products are good and not cheap and pretty flowers

Very satisfied!!!

Very satisfied with the customer service and the prices! Definitely will be returning!

Far from Alfalfa! 😏👇🏽

Super nice...great buds...even better deals!! Very pleased overall in this place. So nice to have this little set up so close to home. Gold Standard hospitality for sure! I will definitely be back fo more. 🤙🏽

Overpriced Alfalfa

Not good. I bought 1g of their way overpriced 'topshelf' and it was basic, crumbly green. Nothing notable about it, except the price. All the strains smell the same (not properly cured, hay-like). Bonus- all the employees seem nice 🤷‍♀️

great flower

awesome product

Awsomeeee spot!

Great flower, great concentrate, and some of the best carts ive tried!!! Also.... The caviar js they have will litterally knock your socks off. "Dont believes me just watch" ⌚ ⌚