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4.6 stars

They got that fire


the others didn't even use vasoline

These guys aren't into molesting their customers. I called four local spots before this one all wanting double to triple the going rate. I didn't realize how good I had it in the springs and pueblo until today! thanks chronorado for not putting it in my in the buthole for Marijuana!!!

Best flower wax shatter

Still best stuff around! Best customer's s and product

Great prices on heavy harvest ounce!

I came in a few weeks ago and the weed I got was so good I forgot to leave a review, haha! I am on a budget and bought both a heavy harvest and shake OZ, total was $80 OTD, fantastic! Both the small bud and shake were great quality. I am very happy with my purchase. Props to Jess for hooking me up with a great deal. Thanks Jess!

VERY First-Timer Friendly

This was my first time in a medical dispensary so I wasn't sure what to expect, luckily I had the help of my amazing budrista. She walked me through the process then opened the door and said "welcome to the medical side " Overall very satisfied with there quality selection and some amazing deals and specials.

nice staff

great prices on cartridges and a friendly staff

Like never before!

Wowie i got some face on fire and Db 15 dolla caviar yup g. i cant read it cuz my eyes so tiny but dang I am about done for the night and its still early... Psych but yea check it out. 120med oz tax incl.. Bam! Be well. Gratitude.

Best I've Found

Man this is best deals and best flower around. Their prices are jaw dropper all day and they know more than anyone else. SHATTER YOUR FACE. Ha! Thanks to my native friend who told me about this KABOOM

budtender refused to help cuz it was my first time

helped the guy behind me instead


quantum bubba shatter and the golden goat wax was amazing, store was nice and had stickers to collect. awesome cannapages saving!! -twindica


First time shopper @#Chronorado & definitely will be a regular customer. The bud is covered in beautiful trichomes & the smoke leaves a nice white ash. I smoke concentrates but starting to incorporate flower into my daily med routine so my tolerance is high. Two bong rips & I was nice & high. The budtender knew the products & that'she so important especially for medical patients. Check it out ! You won't be disappointed

loved the visit

I've been here a few times and not counting the ease of location, Chronorado has alot of variety. They had some sort of flash sale today when I went it for 100$ zips. They also had thier own Blunts. Pretty sweet! I was able to meet a owner and the budtenders all fend to have alot of different roles... pretty interesting atmosphere. This guy yelafingaz or whatever... I'm confused... you got shake that you thought was real bud? They show you the shake and bud before you get it...but whatever everyone wants to shit on Colorados dispensaries but won't move to anywhere else..smdh

Great Selection and unbeatable prices

I just stopped in and grabbed a few grams of shatter and a some 1/8ths of their top shelf herb. Overall I was very impressed , the shatter was smooth and gave me a killer high. After I rolled a joint of some of their Grape Krush I was set for the night. Great staff, and their guy running the show , Lee really cares about the patients and chatted with me for 15 minutes getting my feedback and opinions. See you all soon , great work !!

First visit, probably last.

I had no issues till I got home with my shatter and it looked terrible compared to the display. All waxed up, and leaves a bit of residue on my Quartz. Nice staff, nice building, nice price but quality I'm not so sure of after this visit.

Supply problems

Love the weed here but lately they seemed to have a supply and demand problems. Last couple of times they only had 3 or 4 strains available. They won't have a demand problem very long if they don't get their act together.


This place is Tony the tiger great. I love stopping by here when my girl goes tanning next door. Mostly indica strains I feel like but its good weeds.

Hands down amazing

I was going to other dispensaries and i could make an ounce last me a week. I stopped here a week ago and bought a quarter and some shatter and that lasted me a week. I feel like i can end my review with that but not without a shoutout to Austin. He knew my name before i even gave him my red card. Super flower, concentrates and amazing customer service!! Keep it up!! Oh and the prices are perfect. I found my new caregiver!

Best pre-rolls ever!

Selection, quality, and service all wonderful. They threw in a couple of free pre-rolls and for once it was actually smokeable and seedless. No fancy cone J or paper filter, just awesome quality bud rolled tightly for an awesome burn :)

Great atmosphere, Excellent Top Shelf!

This was my first visit to Chronorado after being referred by a friend. The facility itself is large and well maintained. The strain selection was unbeatable. Nearly thirty top shelf strains to choose from and the hardest decision was making up my mind. I ended up choosing Tangerine for my Sativa and White Urkle for my Indica. I was overly impressed, especially for the price, and will be returning as soon as I smoke this up.

Dank Nugs / Great service !

This was my first time into Chronorado and let me say it exceeded even my high expectations. The bud tender's knowledge was excellent and he was a nice guy as well . Great experience, I didn't feel rushed out the door like at many other shops around town. There bud is top notch, the White Urkle and Larry OG looked beyond frosty. Saw some Purple Kush that I need to get back here to try ! I also picked up a gram of their skunkberry shatter ! Will be back ASAP!