Bloom Medicinals Cannabis Dispensary

4.4 stars by 154 reviews
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4.4 stars

First time

Very friendly service and clean organized

more deals

Lost my to-go spot and searching for a new home. Wish you had more sales. Some of your prices are steep! - Staff was helpful and friendly this time around but I noticed later that your menu was different from what you had on weedmaps, I'll have to pay closer attention next time.

Great staff

The service was great, very clean, staff were knowledgeable I guess. Kind of disappointed with their rewards program though.....spent $700+ here the other day and got 7000 points!!! Then I found out 5000 points is good for $10 off........yeah only $10.....and 7000 points is still only good for $10 off.....the guy told me to save all of them up because at 10,000 points its either $15 or $20 off. It seems that the rewards program is pretty useless if im spending a total of $1000 and getting $20 back.....maybe revamp this program with items or products for points instead of money off for points. You guys have some nice shirts, pillows, blankets and fun items to maybe give away for least it will trick us into thinking its worth it....because $20 off for $1000 spent in total isnt going to make me shop there.

dont do it!!!

bloom has the wort prices, no deals on the products, bloom is greedy. boycott buying from them at all cost until they are patient friendly!!! they have no deals on ounces!!! go to harvest of Maryland down the street for a 180 ounce weekly. the gorilla glue gelato was just 99 an ounce for walk ins......!!!!! I only shop where my money can get me quality meds at a respectable price. do the math !!!!! 50 an eight is 400 for an ounce!!!!!!!! the average price per pound is 2400, 150 an ounce!!!!!!! bloom is robbing you blind smh. even at 2800 a pound do the math...bloom is a scam!!!!!

Worst Dispensary

Service was uncomfortable an unfriendly accusatory and greedy. First I was told to pay twice for an 8th when other dispensaries offer quarters for cheaper Secondly I was actually accused of making making a deal over the phone and told to leave simply because my phone rang and I answered left to see what wife needed and and was rudely told that I was a drug dealer assassinating my character I’m a veteran a medical professional and have been nothing but nice to them till the day I got off work tried this place and was rudely reminded I was black cause if I were white mom answering phone to check children bet this situation would never have happened.

go somewhere else

1 of the worst dispensaries in Maryland along side Potomac holistics

Your last resort

High prices, menu is not accurate on Weedmaps and lastly why buy their product when better quality is right up the street in both directions north and south! Don’t let them dictate where you buy your flower or anything else.

Love it

Very knowledgeable and dedicated to their craft great sales great prices thank you bloom!!!!!

Great Local Shop

Great staff and selection. Location is perfect, close to home and work. Lines can be long during peak hours so be careful when you plan to visit. They have regular specials so I would recommend checking weed maps or leafy before visiting. I wish the prices where lower.

Great Staff

I have been sick for a month and the staff at Bloom has been great to me. There kindness is extraordinary. Eddie was kind enough to help me by bringing the products to me while I sat down and waited. I was not strong enough to stand and wait, thanks Eddie. Cassie has shown concern by holding what I needed so that I could have enough time to get there. I appreciate all that all of you have done while I was sick. D.

Great place

Great environment great product family oriented Great place they have the best product and the best service friendly knowledgeable staff the best place in Maryland

Bloom is a GEM

A little more than a year ago I started getting into the whole medicinal cannabis thing for symptom management of my various health issues. I found Bloom on Instagram and saw they were hosting multiple info sessions and just felt really excited for their presence in my area. From the first time I went in I felt like I could ask questions about anything and always felt very welcome in their beautiful space. All the wellness consultants I have met here have been super knowledgeable and offer suggestions for different medications. I met Rachel today and found out we have a lot in common, including our love for MPX carts! Thanks so much for all the help! See you soon so I can take advantage of all the Bloom Points I've accumulated! 🙌🙏

Update your menu!

Today's patient expects to be able to review THC and terpene levels in addition to name of strain and price. Your prices are not great and sales could be better.

3rd trip still great

I have been a few times since becoming a patient. it is a very welcoming place once inside. the staff has always kind and respectful to me.

worst dispensary in Montgomery county

absolute worst service their employees are rude absolute worst price they jack up the price on all of their products just absolutely terrible dispensary will never shop there again and I've heard this from everybody around me there is way better right down the street fuck Bloom medical


overpriced, the customer service is better than it was a few months back, I would shop here if I couldn't make it anywhere else by closing time, but that's all.

First timer!

Atmosphere was welcoming. Naomi checked me in and Jose was my budtender. Jose helped me select the best option based on my symptoms and Naomi was intuitive and payed close attention to detail. The lobby is filled with patient education material that was super informative! Really nice touch. I appreciated the electronic note pads used while selecting the best medicine for use. I got $20 for being a first time customer and the prices were some of the lowest I’ve seen in the area. Wish they were located closer to the city. Would definitely return!!


I just want to take time out to Thank the entire BLOOM staff. Dennis the Manager, CONGRATULATIONS, has taken time out to introduce me to some wonderful strains of flower, my favorite Jack Herer #8. This strain is a sativa that really helps with my anxiety, Thanks Dennis. Rachel and Naomi normally waits on me the most. Whatever the mood or pain that I am feeling, these two young ladies has always guided and educated me in the right direction, Thanks to you both. Eddie, Thanks for the education on what and how new technology works in the cannabis world. Thank you Cassie, Cameron, and Cullen for all the great service you have given me. And Thank you Jose, who greets me with a smile every time I walk through the door!!! If I have missed anyone, sorry, You all are great. D.

pretty decent

Friendly staff with good recommendations. I purchased a few pre-rolls and later discovered that one of the tubes was empty. I contacted them and was told that I could come exchange it for another. I was told that they didn't have that specific strain, but I could get a different one from the same brand. I brought it in and swapped it for a different one with no problems. My dog seemed to enjoy getting pet by the staff as well. Only downside is slightly higher product prices.

Are you kidding me

I like the place, and staff. Very good selection too. BUT I can't bring myself to pay those high prices! Most of Blooms competition have lowered their prices significantly. When Bloom matches $, I will shop there again.