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VETCBD is dedicated to the pursuit of introducing medicinal cannabis to pets and their owners, with the hopes of providing pet owners with medical alternatives for their animals. VETCBD is an all-natural tincture that utilizes CBD - a non-psychoactive cannabinoid - sourced from the full cannabis flower. VETCBD can be used to help with pain relief, anxiety, nausea, and seizures in companion animals.

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My now 17 yr old feline friend was diagnosed with a tumor between her pancreas and liver. Prognosis wasn’t good. My vet and I decided to forego surgery and keep her comfortable until she was ready to go. She had some ups and downs, and during a bad down we maxed out all the meds and infusions she could take. There was nothing else to do. Or so I thought. A friend recommended VETCBD. I started my cat on it ASAP. Much to my surprise, she turned the corner. She hasn’t had another really bad bout since starting on VETCBD. It was exactly what she needed to push her back to relative health. Pretty quickly I was able to reduce her other medications. When she was first diagnosed I thought I’d be lucky to have her around for a year. She started on VETCBD about 10 months in. But it’s been TWO years since her initial diagnosis. Honestly, if you don’t know how many meds she’s on, you’d have no idea she’s sick. Thanks VETCBD for extending our time together! Priceless.

A Very 'Reliable Remedy'

The people who buy this from us see amazing results with seizures, and overall quality of life. They consistently come back for more because IT WORKS. I'd highly recommend Vet CBD if your pet is suffering.


They carry VETCBD, which I highly recommend to pet owners for aging animals.