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Phat Panda is rolling through Washington’s traditional cannabis industry. Crafting effortlessly potent cannabis flower, pre-rolls, and other products, Phat Panda strives to elevate the marijuana market through exciting branding and excellent cannabis. Always lab tested and grown with the best possible techniques, Phat Panda continually pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a Washington i502 producer/processor and proudly passes on their revolution to their customers.

In 2014, Phat Panda set to create an industry-changing marijuana organization. Always priding themselves on the quality of their service and product, Phat Panda has steadily grown into a large network of cannabis producers, where the level of the product speaks for itself. As they grew, they built their state-of-the-art cultivation facility, perfecting their growing techniques and expanding their company to include some of the brightest and most experienced minds in the cannabis industry. Today, Phat Panda is one of the most prominent i502 brands in Washington state, with products distributed in dispensaries across the Pacific Northwest.

Phat Panda offers dozens of cannabis strains, all finely cultivated in their advanced, indoor growing facility. They grow a mixture of both in-house genetics and connoisseur favorites sourced from across the west coast. Expertly packaged in excitingly labeled jars, familiar strains include Phat Panda’s Blueberry Bubblegum, Golden Pineapple, Thin Mints and Panda Glue. Phat Panda also expertly rolls their flower into pre-rolls, ready to enjoy right out of the package.

Phat Panda happily complies with all Washington regulations for lab testing, as they employ such testing to enforce their high standards of quality. Each batch of cannabis harvested is tested for pesticides, mold/mildew, microbials, fungicides, and heavy metals.

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great weed great flavor

awesome top shelf weed, my favorite is the og chem!!

Constantly disappointed

Last few batches I have purchased had a chemical harsh tast to them my most recent buy was recommended very highly buy a bud tender the harvest date was set to three months prior but the bud I received was probably more like a year old that or they have no clue how to dry and maintain their bud. I can’t beleave they charge top shelf prices for this low rate bud. On a side note it’s never wise to listen to the advice of a cute budtender she didn’t get the job for her vast weed knolage I told her I was looking for low thc content and an alert high I looked at the bottle when I got home and the thc was 26% and knocked this kid out haha shame on me for not checking better it was a long day at work and I was tired.

the walmart brand of marijuana

Their bud to me tastes like chemicals and their pre rolls seem to be made out of dried up floor sweepings. I cant bring myself to pay 40 for an 8th of their pesticide-infused flower.