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Artisanal cannabis, cultivated with care. Maryland, Nevada & Ohio grown.

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  • Medical Cultivation G-17-00006



Shit is fire

Hats off to Verano for the Jack Herer Swift lifts. They are fire and exactly what you need if youre looking for a heavy sativa to get you through the whole day! Their Ghost Train haze is also amazing. I see a lot of negativity below me but i have yet to have a bad experience. Sounds like a lot of haters who just don’t wanna spend that extra $10 to know their weed is hand trimmed, hand weighed, hand packaged. Verano one of the only cultivatiors who does everything by hand and that costs a little more. You get what you pay for, verano is definitely top notch and worth every penny.

too expensive for mids

nothing more annoying then being convinced to spend 65 bucks for an 8th just it to be some average okay weed. not allowing shops to do discounts on your meds is wack and shady. blissful wizard from curio blows everything you guys grow away. get your shit together. decided to give verano ANOTHER chance since finally a dispensary was doing a sale i paid 42 bucks for an 8th of mag 91. complete crap. dried to an absolute crisp no taste flavor a or anything. beyond disappointed. bring your nevada growers out to set everything up and teach the md growers cause this isn't medical in the slightest. this is basically mexican shwag

Don’t do it!

After all this time Verano continues to slack off with pre-packaged flower. Seeds, $65 eighths that are too dry to even touch, and never a sale in sight. Sooo many more companies putting out quality product at half the price. After trying all the other companies in Maryland, I would smoke lawn trimmings before losing another sixty-five bucks on their pre-packaged garbage