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VapeMeds® Premium Cannabis Oil is handcrafted from an artisanal blend of ultra-potent cannabis distillate and live-resin infused with an all-natural blend of botanicals.

VapeMeds® is made from premium-grade cannabis oil extracted from sun grown flowers using clean CO2 processes. Its further refined with a highly advanced process of molecular-distillation incorporating ultra-high vacuum and low temperatures along with low residency periods. This highly advanced technology enables the preservation of ultra-pure cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes . The result is a vapor that mirrors the effects and flavors of the original flowers, but amplified and more palatable. 

Our team takes pride in the work we've done with the many military veterans across California. 

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State License

  • Medical Retail M10-18-0000387-TEMP
  • Adult-Use Retail Adult-Use Retail A10-18-0000337-TEMP




Have you guys seen the sleek look of the new vapes??? Please try them, I’ve been a customer for 2years favorite thing about this company is the fact that they’re always changing for the better. The wax cartridges gives me a nice clean high every time..... 😸

Life Saving

My boyfriend was born with a heart condition and had his 5th heart surgery in January unfortunately he suffered a stroke during, he is recovering well but VapeMeds is the only thing that is really helping with everything from discomfort from surgery & his mind recovering from the stroke. I myself have started using these as well for migraines and honestly love it. Helps almost instantly and the good flavors help too. Easy to carry around and you don’t have the stinky weed smell all over you when you go places. We will always get your products and recommend them to people! We have already gotten friends & family to use products as well. Thank you!!

Underrated company

This brand is awesome. I buy vapes from a few large companies but this brand needs more recognition. These have to be the cleanest and best hitting vapes I have tried. I would like to see them do well.