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Super Farm is a Three a Light powered marijuana cultivator with unique strains of flowers and an expert’s growing process. Timing is everything, and their artisan cannabis farmers take the time to cultivate the highest quality marijuana flowers. Their growing process is what sets their flowers apart from the bunch, farming incredible yields with beautiful buds. Through their expert knowledge and meticulous attention to detail, Super Farms produces top-quality exotic strains of marijuana flowers for the Colorado cannabis community.



Super Farms began in 2016 with the mission to cultivate unique, high-quality strains for their Colorado patients and customers. Perfection did not come easy. When Super Farms began they only brought in three strains. Quickly realizing that wasn’t enough, Super Farms pushed for variety and bumped their menu up to fifty different strains. Their cultivators didn’t want to be the jack of all strains and narrowed their focus to exotic strains with high potency and quality. Colorado patients and customers quickly gravitated to Super Farm flowers, and soon they struggled to keep their flowers on dispensary shelves.

Today Super Farms continues supplying the cannabis community of Colorado with their top-quality marijuana and has ambitions of sharing their flowers with patients in other states free of cannabis prohibition.



Utilizing the cannabis farming techniques of Three A Light is what brings Super Farm such impressive yields. Super Farm cannabis cultivators are well versed in the craft of raising marijuana plants, from germination to flowering their cannabis maintains high success ratios with incredible yields. Super Farm executes proper "Schwazzing" and knows the perfect time to begin the process; allowing optimum canopy light penetration. They’re sensitive to all of the vital components of cannabis farming, paying meticulous attention to humidity, temperature, genetics, CO2 levels, and the room dynamic. Super Farm cultivators are devoted to their flowers and it shows, their buds exude perfection from farm to pipe.



Super Farm flowers are something to boast about, regardless of what strain their patients and customers choose, they are sure to experience full-bodied flavor and potency in every puff. A favorite strain among the marijuana community is Berkel, the Indica dominant hybrid that comes from parent strains Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Grand Daddy Purple. Super Farm cultivators changed the spelling of this strain to differentiate their distinct phenotype that won 3rd place for Best Indica Flower at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup.


Lab Testing

Super Farms is proud to offer flowers tested by Nordic Analytical Laboratories, a marijuana testing facility dedicated to fast, accurate, and precise analysis of marijuana products. Super Farms flowers receive full spectrum lab testing, ensuring only accurately labeled and pure cannabis flowers make it to dispensaries. 

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