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Orchid Essentials is creating the highest standards in the cannabis industry. We partner with local, pesticide-free farms and use highly sophisticated BHO extraction and distillation process. This allows allows us to have superior taste and efficacy with a robust terpene profile and average terpene content of 15%. Orchid’s extracts contain no PG/VG or coconut oil; everything we create is both safe and effective.

We didn’t stop with the extracts. Orchid has created exclusive tech optimal for vaporizing cannabis and CBD. Our oil never makes contact with plastic, glue, or other harmful materials found in other products. Combine incredible oil with quality hardware, and you have a product that can be appreciated and enjoyed by both new and practiced cannabis users alike. The Feel Good is Near™

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Best Flavor

Although expensive, I will say that Orchid cartridges have the best flavor of any weed product or bud I’ve ever tried. Extremely terp heavy and still give you clouds despite coming from a pen.

The Best Above the Rest!

Orchid Essentials is the best vape product out there! I have tried lots of different brands but this is far more superior than any ive tried out there. The quality of product is apparent. The cost is, of course reflective of high standards and quality. After using Orchid Essentials, no other product compares, I just wish it was a little more affordable! Luv it!

Best vape I’ve had

I’ve tried plenty of Vape companies. This one by far is my favorite one right now. It’s clean, and it actually gives you a high that flower does. I love it