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Orchid Essentials is creating the highest standards in the cannabis industry. We partner with local, pesticide-free farms and use highly sophisticated BHO extraction and distillation process. This allows allows us to have superior taste and efficacy with a robust terpene profile and average terpene content of 15%. Orchid’s extracts contain no PG/VG or coconut oil; everything we create is both safe and effective.

We didn’t stop with the extracts. Orchid has created exclusive tech optimal for vaporizing cannabis and CBD. Our oil never makes contact with plastic, glue, or other harmful materials found in other products. Combine incredible oil with quality hardware, and you have a product that can be appreciated and enjoyed by both new and practiced cannabis users alike. The Feel Good is Near™

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Where are you guys?

Have been looking for your cartridges since July 1st. Please get your product back in medical dispensaries in LA. You are simply the only oil and cartridges Worth it in the whole industry. Please come back soon!

The best of the best

I have been all about the orchid essentials after finding them about a month ago. Yeah, they are a bit pricier than others but the quality in unparalleled. I have tried the Jack, Trainwreck, and Lemon Kush. These are potent as hell and tasty as can be. Although marked at 60-70% THC they get off better than those marked at 90%. Keep up the good work team!!! And thank you for blessing the market with your amazing product !!!! -Benji

You will REGRET your purchase -

I got talked into this over the SelectOil brand - what a mistake and a waist of just under $100 - just because I believed the sales people at the dispensary. I had the SelectOil, with over 93% THC... this is nothing compared to that. In best case, if you turn the battery on high and take a proper hit, youll just get a head buzz due to the high output battery setting. After that, you’ll remember this review. This white pen is far from low key. Wish I could return this. Buyers remorse sucks.