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In 2013, Olivia Alexander created The Crystal Cult specializing in vaporizers and luxury cannabis accessories. The Kush Queen quickly became the best selling item at TheCrystalCult.com and has been featured in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Cosmo Latina, and Latina Magazine. It girls like Miley Cyrus and Sophia Ritchie have adorned the brand.

Alexander has since become one of the largest digital influencers in cannabis with over 2.5 million followers and an average of 100 million monthly impressions. Kush Queen Cannabis is the offspring of The Crystal Cult and TheKushQueens online community celebrating women who love cannabis.

Our products are 100% handmade with organic essential oils and the finest lab tested cannabis.

2017 High Times Cannabis Cup Norcal 2nd Place Best Topical Relax 1:1 Bath Bomb

2017 High Time Harvest Cup 2nd Place Best Topical MELT 1:1 Pain Relief Lotion

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Kush Queen's "MELT" Pain Relive Lotion

I never found much use for topicals until I discovered MELT. They make a pure CBD and also a one to one that has THC as well. If you get joint pain in your hands or arms like I do... THIS IS A MIRACLE! I get waves of arthritic pain in my hand/finger joints as well as tendonitis in my right elbow (musician with repetitive stress injuries) and nothing works as well and as fast as the MELT. I'll coat my hands and within minutes the pain is dissipated and a nice icey/warm sensation kicks in. I love that it rubs in and dries without leaving you feeling greasy, I think it even brightens up my tattoos. I will be using MELT daily and will definitely be checking out Kush Queen's other products soon. Thank you for melting my pain away!

Topicals changed my life

We all know our periods can be bad.. well mine are extremely terrible because I have Ovarian cysts which create so many problems for me. Anyway, when I’m on my period I spend most of my time in bed or the shower taking a hot bath. Kush Queens bath bombed changed the game for me. After using the bath bomb I felt Less pain and noticed there was less swelling also. Thanks for making such a great and helpful product.

Love Love Loveee

The Lit Kit is so dope! (no pun intended) The joint inside is really good quality flower, which I honestly wasn't expecting. I thought it would be like those throw away joints they give you at some dispensaries but the high is sooo good! Pairing it with the bath bomb and the chocolate edible is perfection!! Ill be back for more!!