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Heavenly Sweet edibles are made using the finest quality ingredients and prepared adhering to the highest standards.  They are prepared by an experienced and knowledgeable ServSafe certified staff in a California State and locally permitted commercial kitchen. Heavenly Sweet products are created with the adult palate in mind incorporating satisfying flavor and textural combinations with accurate cannabinoid content. We carefully weigh, measure and time each product and compliance-test for content, molds, fertilizers, solvents and microbials with SC Laboratories to ensure safe and consistent results.  Customer satisfaction is our ONLY goal.


When Heavenly Sweet began in 2008, there were no industry standards for dosing medicated Cannabis edibles. In 2017 Heavenly Sweet adopted the California Department of Public Health and Bureau of Cannabis Control's official guideline of 10mg per dose.  Every product is state-compliance tested and clearly labeled so that consumers can make an informed decision and ensure a satisfying experience.


Heavenly Sweet edibles are made with high-quality distillate derived from sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis.  We infuse every product with careful precision to provide a consistent effect. 


Cannabinoid content is listed on each label and step-by-step instructions to determine your personal dosing can be found on the page of our website www.heavenlysweet.com  We make products with a variety of strengths ranging from 10mg, Singles products to our 4oz Medicinal with 2000mg.  Whatever your personal dosage is, you can apply it to ANY of Heavenly Sweet’s delightfully satisfying handmade items.



There are several delicious ways to eat your medicine. Enjoy a delicious Butterscotch Blondie Single (10mg), a sweet, chewy Fruity Treat (100mg) or create your own using one of Heavenly Sweet’s Cannabutters (1000mg-2000mg).  Whatever product you choose, you can achieve your desired effect, discretely, whenever needed.


We work hard to offer an extensive variety of satisfying and delicious edible options for your needs. Your satisfaction is our only goal.


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State License

  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-10002442
  • Distributor C11-0000294-LIC
  • Medical Mfg. CDPH-10002442




Bought the butterscotch brownie for the first time and it was great. The experience started about :45min. to 1:15 min. It was intense and started mellowing after 3hrs. When I purchased the same brownies again, butterscotch brownies, I purchased 5 of them. Not one of the 5 brownies, I bought the second time, was effective. I got a little buzz after about 1:30min. Never got anywhere close to the first time I ate the brownie. At least now I know there is to much inconsistence in these products. I'll make my own.

Lemon Buddies

I love these!! Stand alone or to enhance my high -they are delicious and almost always sold out! More please!

My Favorite Edibles

These are by far my favorite treats when I want to splurge on something a little decadent for my meds. I’ve tried just about everything they make, and as long as you get a fresh product, you’re in for a really nice medicated high. I have purchased this brand from a few dispensary’s that delivered expired product, which greatly impacted the quality and consistency of the product. Just make sure your dispensary isn’t selling stale stock!