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“Your path toward a better tomorrow.” 

Green Roads is your source to a diverse variety of CBD solutions. Their team is dedicated to supplying the cannabis community products they can trust with robust capabilities. Green Roads makes it possible for folks to achieve all-natural relief without intoxication.

The team produces pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products crafted with highest standards and attention to detail. For a reliable and holistic wellness journey travel on Green Roads.

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Green Roads is on a mission to free people from dependence on opioids. Inspired by the incredible benefits of CBD, the founder was eager to get that holistic option into the hands of folks in need. He embarked on building a robust range of Cannabidiol, or CBD based products from extracts and edibles to tinctures and topicals. After fine-tuning every aspect, he was ready to showcase his creations to Texans and Floridians seeking natural relief. Green Roads launched in 2013.



Green Roads ensures quality from beginning to end. Premium hemp flowers are cultivated to perfection then carefully harvested for extraction. The team derives the most desirable parts of the plant then infuses the concentrate into their various products. Some flowers are singled out for extraction, and their technicians produce many textures and potencies from isolate to shatter to crumble.



Green Roads offers CBD products for every lifestyle. Whether you’re a busy parent or health aficionado there is a product for your road to wellness. Many flock to Green Roads 350 mg CBD Sublingual Tincture. Simply drip the desired amount under your tongue and allow the benefits of Cannabidiol to relieve pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Best of all, the tincture works quickly and packs full spectrum hemp, so your endocannabinoid system doesn’t miss a beat.


That isn’t the only way to achieve relief. Green Roads also offers 99.9% CBD isolate and CBD Crumble. Those who love to dab shatter will love CBD Pineapple Express and CBD ACDC, packing the fast acting and powerful effects without a head change.


Those that need an entirely smoke-free option can choose from Green Roads delicious infused candies and beverages. And those who would like to treat pain right on the spot can check out Green Roads’ CBD Pain Cream. No matter your needs or lifestyle there is a road for you.


Lab Testing

All Green Roads products are full panel lab tested by EVIO Labs.

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