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“Perfect Joints. Every, Damn, Time.”

Spark up on something you can count on. Flowerpwr supplies Canada’s most trusted pre-rolls made in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company lives up to its name. Each pre-roll is filled with premium flowers, no shake, no stems, no seeds, no BS. Flowerpwr believes that the cannabis community deserves better and strives to make puff, puff, pass streamlined. Each sleek and approachable pack eliminates the struggle of rolling up.


Flowerpwr History

You don’t have to be a seasoned stoner to have experienced the woes of joint rolling. The flowerpwr team wants to make sure folks never catch themselves too faded to seal the deal or perform surgery on a busted dooby. The company aims at crafting pre-rolls Canadian’s can rely on, with preference and tolerance options.


Flowerpwr has established a four-tier labeling system, making dosage and recommendations easy for bud tenders and their customers. Since the launch of flowerpwr, the team has proudly served Canada with exceptional pre-rolls.


The Pre-Roll Process

From seed to sealed, flowerpwr joints undergo intensive quality control checks each step of the way. Simplicity is flowerpwr’s solution, our team of cannabis enthusiasts use skilled hands to prepare each pre-roll. The flowerpwr team never uses saliva to close the joint wrap; the only lips these doobies touch are yours, the customer.


Pre-Roll Products

Why roll up when you can grab and go?


Flowerpwr pre-rolls fall into four tiers (labels): Green, Black, Gold, and 24K Gold. Each tier provides a unique experience, tailored to the individual needs of each patron. Available in singles, packs of five (5), ten (10), twenty-five (25), or fifty (50); you can choose half or full gram joints.

Green Label Pre-Rolls (AAA Flower)

Flowerpwr crafted the Green line with novice and casual tokers in mind. These pre-rolls provide an optimal buzz for your buck—flowerpwr’s quality and convenience go hand-in-hand.


Black Label Pre-Rolls (AAA+ Flower)

Black goes with everything. You don’t have to be a cannabis connoisseur to step up your flower game. Flowerpwr’s Black label is the perfect pick-me-up for all occasions. These joints are an ideal choice for those seeking a touch of excellence.


Gold Label Pre-Rolls (AAAA Flower)

When the only premium, top-shelf flowers will do, Gold is your ticket. These pre-rolls are sincerely, the best of the best, crafted with cultivar choice, for the high-rolling marijuana aficionado's. Prepare to enter a golden state of mind, these pre-rolls are powerful and bound to impress.


24K Gold Label Pre-Rolls (AAAA+ Flower)


So, you are boujee and bad? Are you the top cannasseur around? The 24K Gold label offers the creme of the crop strains, which are without exception, all rolled in a 24K gold leaf rolling paper. Gold and sticky crystals shine bright, soon you will too with these exquisite pre-rolls that tastefully glimmer, leaving your senses entranced with glamour. These are our most praised pre-rolls and are only available in limited supplies. The 24K Gold Label is also available as a subscription for easier access to these limited edition premium pre-rolls.

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As advertised

Bought my first assorted pack last week and it came as advertised and they kindly threw in two free joints without saying a word. The green labeled joints were already an upgrade from what I was smoking before, and the black and gold labels had me on another planet. Can’t wait for my black and gold pack to get in!

Great products

I stumbled upon this company a couple months ago and I have to say I am very pleased with their products. The packaging is very clean, and the quality of the flower is top notch! The shipping is quick and is packaged discreetly. I have been ordering their variety packs, which they include 5 different strains. They make sure to include Sativas, Indicas, and hybrids. This company is currently my go to for prerolls. Cheers to you, flowerpwr team!


i've been waiting for pre rolls that i can smoke that aren't falling apart or looks like a limp dick! so thank you flowerpwr! whoever is manning the live chat, dude you're a god send. made everything so easy and super friendly. my packaged arrived super discreet and well packaged. once opened everything was branded and then upon lighting i was super stoked to find a well rolled tasty terpy ass J. i never have to roll again, buyer for life. hope the quality sticks when your company grows.