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Founded in 2015, Emerald Family Farms has been focused on cultivating award-winning cannabis and concentrate products, while working with smaller farmers to help them cross the hurdles of state compliance.   

EFF’s core values include the following:

-Local and state compliance in all aspects of the business and its operations.

-Environmental conservation and stewardship.

-High standards for the health and safety of its employees.

-Fair and equal pay for all employees.

-A good neighbor policy that respects and serves surrounding communities.

-An operating culture that recognizes the key roles of employees and the patients who will be using its products.

-Organic and “Clean Green” cultivation methods that ensure safe, effective medicine for patients.

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Extremely affordable and surprisingly amazing

I was a bit skeptical buying their live resin product. Considering the price was way to good for being live resin compared to other brands on the market. I am use to paying $60 to even $90 a gram. The quality is absolutely amazing but come on. Anyways to my suprise the flavor profile was still amazing and only $30. I love both products I have tried thus far.

Next level flower

Met the family at High Times so cal and was happy to see a product I enjoy so much is coming from such good people . Great flower I would highly recommend.

Somebody's game's on point

I love this company's extracts. The Alien OG sugar is the tastiest stuff I've ever dabbed. Zkittlez sugar is also fire! You guys have a loyal customer and fan!