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“Truly the highest chocolate.”


Artisan chocolatiers craft each CHILL The Highest Chocolate bar by hand. Every bar is consistent and evenly dosed — the taste and high you enjoy the first time will be the same the next time. And the time after that.



CHILL The Highest Chocolate is a family operated cannabusiness ran by industry pioneers. CHILL’s founder is a longstanding cannabis advocate and has been crafting marijuana-infused chocolate bars for years. Before he got into edible making, he was one of the first dispensary owners in Los Angeles, connecting patients to the most exceptional medical marijuana products.


CHILL The Highest Chocolate was founded as a response to the industry. The team wanted to supply something that was created with care and accountability. So they revamped the kitchen and got to crafting the finest cannabis-infused chocolates in California. CHILL The Highest Chocolate launched in 2017, unveiling a line of delicious and powerful chocolate bars.



From farm to kitchen, nothing is automated, which renders cannabis-infused treats with unparalleled accuracy. In the CHILL kitchen, their team of cannabis chocolatiers handles each bar like an art piece. Each chocolate bar is specially formulated with the active extraction that complements the flavors of the chocolate. CHILL The Highest Chocolate ethically sources the highest grade ingredients from the cocoa to the organically cultivated flowers.




There is a CHILL bar for every mood.


Go traditional with Chill Milk Chocolate or experience their Milk Chocolate bar with refreshing minty notes in Chill Peppermint Milk Chocolate.


CHILL The Highest Chocolate offers CBD-infused chocolates for those seeking all-natural relief without intoxication. Enjoy the anti-inflammatory and anxiety diminishing effects of cannabidiol with Chill Acai Berry Blast or Chill Caramel CBD Dark Chocolate.


Chill “That’s Spicy” Dark Chocolate is a hot choice — every bite provides a delectable clash of flavors.


Chill Cookie Jar White Chocolate is a sensation from the first bite to the last. The light creamy flavors create a delicious blend.


Lab Testing

Test, test, then test again — CHILL The Highest Chocolate does their part to ensure your chill time is a safe time. Each batch is full panel lab tested three times by CW Analytics.

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