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At CANNDESCENT, we are focused on producing the best cannabis flowers available. We are fortunate to have 70+ years of collective growing expertise embedded in our cultivation team, and when combined with the deep operational and technical strength of our management team, you can produce California’s highest quality cannabis flower. From our strain specific, micro-grow rooms, through hand trimming every flower by the stem, we preserve the full flavor and integrity of our medicine. In short, we spare no expense in our effort to produce flowers that deliver the best curated experiences for our patients. Whether it’s time to relax, enjoy an energetic outing, share an intimate moment, or refresh with a stress-free sleep, we help you make the best of your experiences. We call it being CANNDESCENT, being your best self at any moment.

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2 thumbs down

Rearrange Canndescent’s name and it’s DECENT, at best. For the price they are selling “top shelf flower” it’s an absolute let down. Flower was dry and had a heavy smoke, indicating hardeners used durning growing. Met one of the reps today and I felt like I was talking to a kindergarten Cannabis user. This brand is all marketing and has no real substance behind the facade.

Underwhelming and overhyped

I picked up a 1/4 of some Canndescent Connect 403 at $50/eight. The samples looked and smelled killer, but I was unfamiliar with this brand. When I got home the nugs smelled great; kind of reminded me of some Bruce banner I had not too long ago. Unfortuantley the buds were VERY dry and crispy. The first hit tastes good but after that it tasted like straight up dookie. If I had kept my receipt this would have been the first return I had ever made to a dispensary. I regularly buy in house eighths from the same dispensary that are leagues above this bud and significantly cheaper. I'm pretty sure the "top shelf" price point is because of the elaborate packaging and all the "bonus" items you get such as papers, some hemp wick and some matches which probably cost this company pennies to include. Lesson learned for me on this purchase. If this is the future of weed marketing I'm worried.

Premium price, not product.

Purchased "create" 303 I think was the number, and it was full of seeds. I wrote the company and they said they would replace it. Great! Well. Not really. They asked for my address and which strain I preferred. I thanked them and then they sent an email saying they would need me to get in contact with someone else. Enough hoops. Fix it or don't. After a week of talking and no action, I'm just tired of dealing with incompetent companies. If you want to buy possibly hermaphroditic weed, at premium prices, then this is the place for you!