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“Planting the seeds of health & wellness.”


The compassionate and dedicated team at Cannabidiol Life is committed to sharing comprehensive information and research conducted on CBD. They strive to change the negative perception surrounding hemp and hemp products and believe that change will only occur with proper education.


Cannabidiol Life produces cannabis products of incredible quality. Each edible is crafted with entirely organic ingredients and expresses the full spectrum of characteristics derived from single-sourced, premium hemp flowers. Thanks to a dedicated team of professionals, Cannabidiol Life is the one-stop learn-and-shop for folks in need of organic, non-intoxicating relief.



For a long time, Christopher worked with patients with cancer and mesothelioma. At the time cannabidiol benefits were not widely publicized, and Christopher longed to find a better alternative for patients with terminal illness and chronic pain. As scientific studies were published, he read about the benefits of cannabis and became intrigued. He would forward that research to the patients he worked with, in hopes that cannabis could help. Medicinal cannabis lingered in the back of his mind, and he held out the hope of discovering a way to improve the quality of life for those around him.


When he stumbled upon CBD, he was emphatic. Christopher began to research all there is to know about hemp and its predominant and fascinating cannabinoid, CBD. He noticed the claims were scattered. One page would site CBD’s pain-relieving benefits while another would note its anti-inflammatory effects, but there wasn’t a place for comprehensive information about the plant. He felt ought to change that and created Cannabidiol Life, a website filled with CBD information.


After successfully building a source for education and knowledge, Christopher was ready to get into creating CBD products himself. He assembled a team of the best minds and connected with Colorado farmers to source the finest hemp flowers. The result was brand that provides a unique level of support, and the first Cannabidiol Life products sold in October 2017.



The extraction artists of Cannabidiol Life execute premiere techniques to craft their CBD oils. Through the slow and challenging process of hemp cradling in 100% organic ethanol, Cannabidiol Life yields incredible concentrate. First, hemp flowers are submerged in food-grade ethanol and brought to a very low boil. While the flowers are being boiled at low-heat the plant is “cradled,” meaning the molecules locked inside the trichomes are lightly rocked back and forth. This natural friction produces just enough molecular movement to create a vapor containing all of the desirable characteristics of the hemp plant. That vapor is converted back into a liquid, then blended into Cannabidiol Life products.



Not only a source for CBD info, Cannabidiol Life offers a large selection including oils, edibles, capsules, concentrates, topicals, and pet products.


Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Oils come in several convenient options like 50 mg CBD Oil Shots or a CBD Oil Disposable Vape Pen. Cannabidiol Life Oil tinctures come in four different potencies to meet the anyone’s needs from chronic, severe pain to mild discomfort.


Users can eat or drink their way to wellness with Cannabidiol Life’s CBD-infused chocolate bites and bars, caramels, and gummies. Plus, their CBD Life Water is the perfect way to hydrate and receive your daily cannabinoids. Another smoke-free option is their CBD Capsules. These caps are available in a 1-Week Sample size including seven capsules packing 25 mg of CBD in each, as well as bottles with 350, 750, 1,500 mg of CBD.  


Cannabidiol Life has dabs on deck. People can enjoy a dab of delicious, terpene-filled CBD wax, isolate, and crystals without experiencing a head-change.


Cannabidiol Life’s line of hemp-derived skincare, Pure Kind Botanicals, is a fantastic way to get relief, too. The Pure Kind Botanicals line includes facial serum, lemongrass body butter, and a soothing balm for rapid topical pain relief. Provide holistic care for your pup or kitty with a pet tincture. Cannabidiol Life offers their CBD For Cats tincture, as well as formulations for small, medium, and big dogs.


Lab Testing

Cannabidiol Life’s hemp flowers are lab tested by Pro Verde; then the final product undergoes testing for cannabinoid content by Steep Hill Labs.

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