HIGH, Washington

High, Washington...

What a long, strange road to legalization it's been in the Evergreen State. But after playing yo-yo with its legal marijuana policy for six months, the state of Washington finally appears poised to launch its recreational cannabis program. When Washington's first legal cannabis purchase happens this summer, the state will join Colorado in the history books--and hopefully never look back. Tucked away in the scenic Pacific Northwest, this hip state neighbors Canada and its British Columbia Bud. With a rich, strong-rooted growing heritage, breeders, growers, and connoisseurs feel at home in this state nestled between both mountains and waters. Its location provides for phenomenal outdoor conditions and also provides many picturesque smokescapes.

The Scene

While Washington state has had some form of medical marijuana in place since 1998 thanks to the George Soros-led Initiative 692, that access remained heavily restricted for over 10 years. Since 2008, when the state eased up its medical marijuana rules, the medical industry has steadily evolved, trailing only California's and Colorado's. The capital of Washington's medical marijuana scene is, of course, Seattle. Once known for Starbucks and the Supersonics, the city has become a bustling bud business for the emerging marijuana market. From Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain, Seattle's culturally rich music scene has been a playground for and creative beacon for some of America's finest artistic minds. With a deeply enriched, passionate scene, Washington comes together every summer in Seattle for Hempfest, a free, peaceful gathering of high-minded individuals from all over the world.

The Highs

  • Arguably America's most passionate, genuine scene, sharing and caring
  • The congenial marijuana scene has been labelled a rare "free-trade market", meaning all the growers from Washington and Canada would share their genetics with one another
  • Proximity to Canada
  • Red Stem Afghani, a rare Afghanistani strain flown from Afghanistan to Washington in the 1970s; you won't find almost anywhere else; parent to Permafrost; most potent
  • The rain produces lots of indoor meetings of the growth minds to facilitate the exchange of grow knowledge.
  • Rock-bottom prices, some of the lowest in America ($1,500 for a pound)

The Lows

  • Terrible outdoor grow conditions because of the unpredictable rain, low sun availability, and humidity issues
  • Tough to smoke outside of your house most days
  • If you're not in a city, it's difficult to find the right strain, as dispensary laws differ from county to county
  • Native American reservation limits--Skagit County does not allow dispensaries on its grounds
  • Outside of Washington's cities, it's difficult to find dispensaries, as delivery services reign supreme
  • Implementing legalization has been an utter challenge--until now!

Smoker's Guide To Washington

WE GOT YOU! Here is Weedmaps' Guide to Washington. We've put together top lists, some entertainment and some fun to help you beat the Washington blues. Sit tight, grab a friend and hit the streets Ginsberg style, angel-headed hipsters burning for that ancient heavenly connection in the machinery of the night.


Washington's Good Stuff

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