Purple Punch



A cross between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, the original Purple Punch strain was claimed to be bred by the Hawaiian breeders at Supernova Gardens. Regardless of its origins, Purple Punch has made its way into the hands of the world’s most renowned growers, such as the Los Angeles-based Jungle Boys.

With an aroma of blueberries and grape soda, this indica-leaning strain might sound sweet, but it also tends to pack a potent punch, with some strains reportedly carrying THC levels that range between 20% to 25%.

Top reported effects

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Euphoric

Top reported flavors

  • Grape
  • Berry
  • Sweet

Grow information

Purple Punch is well-suited for either indoor or outdoor growing environments, producing moderate to high yields over a seven- to eight-week flowering period. During this stage, this strain is said to procure frosty trichomes with consistent internodal spacing between dense, purple-hued buds. While this variety is reportedly resistant to mites, it can be susceptible to mold if the flower cycle and curing process are conducted without proper airflow.

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