Atomical Haze



Creator Paradise Seeds says the blast that is Atomical Haze includes the best Haze components from Thailand and South America, along with a classic Indian sativa crossed with an indica from Afghanistan. The combo produces a luxury sativa-heavy plant with low CBD, 18%-22% THC, hazy sweetness from all the Haze components, a slightly sour taste, and lingering effects.

Paradise Seeds touts Atomical Haze’s uplifting, long-lasting effects.

This strain has won the following awards:

2012 Canada’s Treating Yourself Medical Cannabis Cup

2016 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

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The 80% sativa strain delivers a tall, productive plant that takes a little extra care to grow, but rewards cultivators with large buds, according to Paradise Seeds. The flowering cycle is on the longer side, eight to nine weeks, but the yield can be twice that of indica plants, which typically produce heavy yields. Best grown indoors from seeds, it appreciates strong light and may also do well outdoors in southern climates, producing plants growing as tall as 8 feet, or 2.4 meters.


Paradise Seeds

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