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Election Day is finally over. The votes have been (mostly) counted, and the results are (mostly) in. Cannabis legalization was a hot topic during the midterm election. Five states had…
So what exactly does the Attorney General do, and why do cannabis advocates care who occupies this powerful appointed position?
2020 could have been a big year for cannabis. But was it? Here's which states advanced med and adult-use cannabis policy and made weed legal in 2020.
A cautious picture of what her potential role in the future of cannabis legalization will be.

Could Joe Biden budge on cannabis legalization?

Cannabis legalization should be a no-brainer for the Democratic presidential nominee, but despite the numerous benefits, Biden stops just short of supporting adult-use legalization.

2020 could still be a big year for cannabis legalization

2020 was supposed to be a big year for cannabis legalization. And then COVID-19 happened.
While Michigan dispensaries collectively bring in millions of dollars every month, Michael Thompson is serving a de facto life sentence in the same state for the very same reason —…