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4 weed products comedian Jozalyn Sharp can't live without

Weedmaps News April 5, 2022   6:23 pm PDT | Updated 1 year ago

A Nevada native, comedian Jozalyn Sharp cracks jokes centering on her rural upbringing, relationships, sex, and much more. A semi-finalist in NBC's StandUp comedian search in 2018, Sharp's comedic timing and penchant for stand-up have shaped her life experience from a very young age. Out of high school, she turned down three full-ride scholarships to pursue her dreams in comedy. Today, Sharp can be seen charming audiences with her playful honesty and gut-busting stories on the Las Vegas Strip — including Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club at The Linq Hotel.

Not only does she bring the laughs, but she's also a longtime cannabis supporter and consumer. “I have been using cannabis recreationally most of my adult life and medically since 2013,” she shared. “I was in the cannabis industry for a short period of time as a budtender because I wanted to help people the way good budtenders had helped me.”  

Sharp's background as a budtender opened her up to the nuances and potential healing properties of weed. She uses some strains to address the chronic pain she's been managing since her hip surgery at 12 years old. Other strains give her energy and clarity. “I love to smoke terpinolene-dominant strains before a show or before doing chores,” she said. “It's also a great cerebral boost, so it can make video games and chatting with friends even more enjoyable … There are so many ways to utilize cannabis to help people from consumption to topical uses.”

Sharp did not hold back when asked about her funniest story involving cannabis, saying, “I always think of the first time my best friend, Hillary, tried edibles. We were at a comedy festival here in Las Vegas, and she was my guest.” Hillary, Sharp told Weedmaps, had never tried edibles before. 

“I found her at a slot machine, set the brownies down, and decided to go to the restroom. When I get back, the brownie is completely gone … I was absolutely sure that was too much for even me, an edible veteran. I almost fainted. It was at this point I realized what was about to happen, and I told her she was about to be much higher than she'd ever been at any point in her life.” She continued, “We lucked out that she did not panic, but she did give me a borderline anxiety attack when she fell asleep in the third row for Dave Attell. Nothing like one of your comedic heroes possibly seeing you bring a comatose audience member to their show to really kick off a great relationship. Thankfully, it's Vegas so there were much weirder people to notice than a sweaty chick and her unconscious friend.”

In addition to super-strong weed brownies, here are the cannabis products Jozalyn Sharp can't live without.

AiroPro vaporizer

AiroPro is the only vape I will buy for cannabis. It's absolutely the best. it gives you so much bang for your buck, and if you have a high tolerance, normal vapes won't even give you a head change. AiroPro can be as good as smoking flower for me sometimes.”

Cookies flower

“I am a huge fan of the Cookies brand for flower overall. They are one of the only companies that get really good greenhouse grows in Nevada. I'm always hunting for a good full terpene profile and you get the best terps from greenhouse-grown [flower].”

Wyld edibles

“Wyld edibles are the only way to go, in my opinion. I just tried Effex for the first time, and they give Wyld a run for their money if you're looking for a rice krispie over a gummy.”

Cann cannabis seltzers

“Cann's THC:CBD drinks are also my favorite! I am always excited to introduce cannabis lovers to it. It's the perfect little buzz to accompany a smoke. I have it instead of coffee sometimes and it just puts me in an amazing mood for the day.”

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