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For the discerning cannathusiast, dry, crumbly, aging nugs are more than an inconvenience, they are a crime against nuggetry altogether.

Nug jars, stash boxes, and branded plastic baggies are perfectly suitable for stoners who smoke through their stashes weekly, since the main culprits of cannabis degradation are humidity, exposure to light, and less-than-stellar storage materials. But anyone keen on preserving their precious buds for more than a week or two might consider taking a cue from generations of cigar puffers and invest in a cannabis-specific humidor.

For those unversed in climate-controlled stash boxes, a humidor is just that: an airtight, wooden stash box whose primary function is to provide steady moisture levels and a lightless, airtight atmosphere to prevent degradation.

Humidors typically contain a hygrometer, a tool that measures the amount of water vapor in a confined space, and are traditionally made with cedar wood, which maintains its composition regardless of humidity.

Strain hunters who hoard rare cultivars, growers with multiple phenotypes samples to conserve, or even average consumers who'd rather not sacrifice potency or freshness to crummy storage might consider investing in a desktop humidor.

Here are a few models to consider.


Cannador creates cannabis humidors with multiple options for weed storage. The interior of Cannador's humidor is made with mahogany wood, rather than cedar, which the brand claims better maintains humidity without imparting its own woody perfume.

You can choose boxes with either 2, 5, 6, 8, or 9 climate-controlled strain containers, as well as smaller boxes for preroll storage, limited edition artist collab boxes, and a host of accessories, including a handcrafted rolling tray carved from a single piece of wood.

Though these boxes don't feature moisture measuring hygrometers standard, they can be added to your order for around $30 additional bucks.

Price: $189 — $289

Icky Box

Icky's lineup of cherrywood humidors are equipped with either two or four flower containers and a small accessory shelf for a pipe, papers, and lighter. This box is remarkably compact, and as such, is a minimalist iteration of a humidor. Though it does not feature a hygrometer, it does hold a small Boveda humidity control pack, which is a disposable packet that maintains optimal 62% humidity via reverse osmosis and is a common humidifier inclusion. It can be switched out after 4 - 6 weeks, or when it becomes rigid.

Icky's boxes are remarkably discrete, small enough to fit in a desk drawer, and, though the box is airtight enough to not require them, the individual flower containers inside the box can be sealed up to prevent spillage during travel.

Price: $49.99 — $84.99

The Apothecarry Case

Arguably the most luxurious of all the cannabis humidifiers are the boxes produced by Apothecarry. Its entire line of handcrafted, airtight, desktop humidors are designed primarily for function, but the styles are just as, if not more, notable.

Each case contains no less than two — but usually four — flower jars, a grinder, a rolling tray, and a small handful of accessories. Additionally, Apothecarry produces custom stainless metal train cases, satin-lined humidors, and the 24-jar Dabney case, built to keep all your concentrates stable and potentially preventing shatters, budders, and crumbles from sugaring over. Apothecarry's cases manage moisture with humidity control packets, and do not feature hygrometers.

Price: $179 — $315


Cannaseur's walnut humidors feature a proprietary Micropore Core™ humidity regulation technology that maintains an optimal environment for your grass, and all but the most compact of its boxes are fitted with hygrometers as well.

Many of its units also come with a lock and key, which adds to the unique aesthetic of the box. When a Cannaseur box is opened and both meter and core are displayed, the package looks more like a fisherman's heirloom than a stash box, even when it's full of nugs.

The Cannaseur may be the best option for consumers who prefer discretion, minimalism, and take particular joy in meter reading/boat captain cosplay.

Price: $195 — $329