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Everything you need to know about the updated Zeus Arc GT dry herb vaporizer

Brianna Wheeler January 12, 2022   11:53 am PST | Updated 2 years ago

Zeus Arsenal is a vaporizer brand producing palm-sized, dry flower vaporizers — the Zeus Arc GT and the Zeus Arc GTS respectively — with an assortment of hyper-specific accessories, including an ice bath for cooler draws, aluminum pods for pre-loading hits, and a dose-specific dry herb grinder that looks like a cross between a pepper mill and a plastic flashlight.

German engineering of the automotive variety is a key element of the Zeus Arsenal brand, so these devices may fly under the radar of those indifferent to exhaustive vehicular comparisons and car puns, especially in regards to the brand's pocket vapes. However, one glance under the hood of the new Zeus Arc GT model, and it's clear that this device's appeal lies in more than its supercharged chassis; both its chamber and its vapor path are made with real gold.

What is the Zeus Arc GT?

The Zeus Arc GT is a handheld, dry herb vaporizer with both a dry herb chamber and a vapor path that are made with gold — "GT" stands for Goldsink Technology. These specific gold features are what set the Zeus apart from other vaporizers that may occupy similar shelf space.

Functionally, the Zeus Arc GT is both ergonomic and intuitive. The package fits squarely on the palm, is easy to load and unload, and requires minimum setup for deliciously toasted draws, one half gram at a time. Additionally, the new Zeus Arc GT's price point is slightly more budget-friendly than similar models.

How does the Zeus Arc GT work?

Once it's charged, users need only perform a minimum of steps before they're ready to consume.

First, in order to access the heating chamber, you must remove the silicone mouthpiece from the body of the device. The mouthpiece pulls away from the device with relative ease and is distinguished from the bottom of the device by its power button (three small grooves that, when the device is held, fit neatly beneath your thumb).

You may then load finely ground plant material into the gold heating chamber located beneath the removable mouthpiece. The chamber holds approximately 0.5 grams, and an attached (gold) packing tool located on the bottom of the device can help sweep material into the chamber, but the shape of the housing allows the device to be used kind of like a shovel, scooping ground flower right into the broad chamber opening. The mouthpiece fits snugly back into place, and once the chamber is loaded, the power button located on the top of the device should be held firmly for two seconds, or until a brief haptic feedback alerts you to the device's activation.

The device's appearance is relatively spartan but for three pencil-thin LED bars that illuminate the side of the device opposite the power button. Those bars light up one at a time as the device powers on, pulse blue as the device heats up, and change to green, alerting another haptic feedback moment when the device reaches the desired temperature. After 30 seconds of non-use, the lights will glow white to indicate cooling down.

What's included

Included in the Zeus Arc GT package is:

  • A simple cleaning kit containing pipe cleaners
  • Q-tips
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Proprietary flow-sink cleaning tool
  • Micro USB charging cable

Changing temperatures

Temperatures are controlled on the Zeus Arc GT via the same button that powers the device on and off. While a prolonged button press activates the device, a brief tap will toggle the temperature between low, medium, and high settings.

The temperature is indicated by the three blue LED bars on the side of the device; one bar indicates low temperature, two bars is medium, and three bars is high. The bars pulsate blue as the device warms and glow green when the device is ready to hit.

Specific temperature controls can be found via the device's firmware when connected to a personal computer.


The charging dock for the Zeus Arc GT is located on the bottom of the device, hidden behind the gold loading tool that clips cleanly into the foot of the vaporizer. The micro USB port is accessible once the multitool is removed. A full charge takes approximately 45 - 60 minutes.

The three LED bars on the device will notify you of a low battery by displaying one glowing red bar. While the device is charged, all three bars will glow red steadily. To check the battery life of the device while in use, you can shake the device twice. The LED bars will glow red: one bar for low battery, two bars for medium, and three bars for a full charge.

What are ArcPods?

Part of the Zeus Arsenal is an accessory kit that includes an assortment of small aluminum heating chamber liners. These liners, or ArcPods, are meant to save time and energy by allowing you to preload a number of hits and store them until you're ready to puff.

The ArcPods are not required to use the Zeus vaporizers.

How to clean the Zeus Arc GT

The Zeus Arc GT can be cleaned relatively easily after each use. It also includes a flow-sink tool for more intense cleaning. The flow-sink tool can be used to remove the flow-sink and flow-sink screen — both critical elements to the function of the chamber — from the heating chamber. The flow-sink tool can be inserted into the bottom device to access the sink and screen elements and gently push them from their housing. These parts can then be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and replaced.

What's the appeal?

The Zeus Arc GT is a perfectly appropriate dry herb pocket-sized vaporizer made more attractive by its friendlier-than-most price point and the inclusion of real gold plating in its construction.

At $179, the device provides smooth, tasty hits, and is both ergonomic and intuitive, requiring very little prep before use.

It should be noted that frequent use will eventually result in the gold features amalgamating with underlying metals to create a proprietary alloy, which may not have the cache of real gold, but remains a relatively cool point of interest totally unique to the Zeus Arc GTS.

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Featured image courtesy of Zeus