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Everything You Need to Know About the Dr. Dabber Stella Pen

Tess Lampert January 21, 2022   12:40 pm PST | Updated 1 year ago

Dr. Dabber is known for its high-quality, sleek, and functional electronic dab rigs. The Stella is its newest dab pen, improving upon the original vape pen, the Aurora. True to the brand, the Stella is effortlessly chic, user-friendly, and offers a streamlined, portable option for dabbing concentrates.

Here's everything you need to know about the Dr. Dabber Stella vaporizer pen.

What is the Dr. Dabber Stella?

The Stella is a vape pen for cannabis concentrates. The handheld device is housed in matte black stainless steel with an internal ceramic heating chamber that vaporizes all kinds of concentrates with the push of a button.

It is small and compact for portability, but heavy enough to feel like a high-quality device.

What's included?

Each Stella vaporizer kit includes:

  • Vape pen body with internal battery
  • Magnetic mouthpiece
  • Internal ceramic bowl atomizer
  • USB-C charger
  • Loading tool

The atomizer chamber is disposable, with a recommendation to replace it after 1 - 3 months depending on the frequency of use. Replacing it is as easy as unscrewing the spent one and screwing on the fresh one for $30. It's time to change it out for a new one when it is dark and/or crusted, cracked, or there are any noticeable issues like leaking, lower vapor production, or a burnt taste.

How does the Stella work?

Just like other Dr. Dabber products, the operations are easy and intuitive for the Stella pen. The mouthpiece magnetically snaps on and off to reveal the ceramic atomizer chamber, which has a sizable capacity.

Start by loading your concentrate of choice into the chamber, filling it up to half capacity. There is a singular operations button that turns the pen on or off with five clicks. From there, click the power button twice to initiate the preheat cycle, which will flash purple. Cycle through the three temperature settings to customize each hit by clicking the same button three times.

The power button will flash with the corresponding color to indicate the temperature setting:

  • Green: 550°F
  • Blue: 630°F
  • Orange: 775°F

To use, press and hold the power button to activate the selected heating cycle and inhale. Starting with a gentle inhale is recommended until you get a feel for each heat setting. As usual, the lower heat setting optimizes flavor and the higher heat setting offers a more powerful, denser cloud. Across the board, the pulls are smooth and potent but don't taste burnt.

Note: Whenever the unit is on and/or warm, it should be kept upright to avoid leaking oils. If storing in a purse or bag on the go, let it cool down completely before packing it back up.


Charging the Stella vaporizer is easy with the included USB-C cable that plugs into the side of the device on one end and a standard USB charging block or outlet on the other end.

When charging, the power button will flash white, then turn solid green when fully charged. You'll know it's time to charge when the power button blinks three times, showing whatever color corresponds to the current temperature setting.


The pen works best when it's kept clean, which involves cotton swabs and 91% isopropyl alcohol. The mouthpiece contains an airflow regulator that can be dislodged by poking through the mouth end with the loading tool. These two components can be soaked in alcohol for no more than 10 minutes, which should remove any residue, and then air-dried.

The atomizer chamber can be dry heated for five seconds and then lightly wiped with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, then dry heated for an additional five seconds. All parts should be completely air dried before reassembly and use. The connection points between the atomizer unit and batter should also be swabbed clean with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol when replacing.

What's the appeal?

Dr. Dabber's Stella vaporizer pen is a high-quality portable dab pen with a contemporary look and feel and is easy functioning. Any device that offers consistent dabs with a range of temperature settings is valuable, and this one gets major points for being unfussy and simple. Capable of producing reliably good hits, and coming in at under $100, makes this device a great value by industry standards.

The one downside is that frequent consumers will have to replace the atomizer, a $30 value, multiple times per year. The average consumer will probably replace the atomizer four times per year, resulting in a $120 usage fee, but for $10 a month, it's still a great deal considering the high-quality design and ease of use. Replacing the atomizer also means that the device will stay in optimal shape for a longer period of time, and no doubt will extend the overall life of the pen.

All things considered, the Stella pen is a welcome and valued addition to portable dab devices.

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