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5 weed products Nick Bruce can't live without 

November 8, 2021   12:44 pm PST | Updated 1 year ago

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games — which, due to COVID-19, were actually held in summer 2021 — saw the introduction of a variety of new events, including BMX freestyle. Nick Bruce, an elite BMX athlete with a reputation for nailing tough tricks, including the flair windshield wiper, was one of nine competitors riding for Team USA and becoming a part of BMX and Olympics history.

For Bruce, cannabis — and particularly CBD — is a helpful tool when unwinding after long and strenuous training sessions. It aids his recovery and manages training-related aches and pains while keeping his performance at a high level.

Here are five weed products Nick Bruce can't live without.

Lemon Do-Si-Dos by Buckeye Relief

BMX training can be exhausting. At the end of a long day, Bruce likes to unwind and relax with his go-to flower strain: Lemon Do-Si-Dos by Buckeye Relief.

“I really love this flower for winding down after a long day of training,” says Bruce. “I'm usually amped up after the riding session and it helps slow my mind down. It has also been a game-changer for overall wellness and getting ready for bed.”

While there are plenty of ways to consume flower, as an athlete, Bruce prefers vaping. “I typically use flower through a dry herb vaporizer,” says Bruce. “To me, it enhances the flavor and is easier on my lungs.” 

Sleepy Time Salve by Firelands Scientific

As a professional BMX athlete, injuries are an occupational hazard, whether that's a nasty case of whiplash or a muscle injury.

When Bruce finds himself nursing an injury, he turns to Sleepy Time Salves by Firelands Scientific to support his recovery. “This topical has helped so many deep muscle injuries, and I believe has significantly reduced the healing time,” he said. “I get whiplash every once in a while, and I've found this salve to be the most effective for it, along with other aches and pains.”

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Mint CBD Oil by PureKana

When it comes to cannabis, it's important to use products you feel good about, which is why Bruce gravitates towards PureKana. “PureKana is a brand I trust because they have all of their lab tests listed for each of their products, so you know exactly what you're getting,” he said. 

One of his favorite PureKana products is the Mint CBD Oil with 1000 milligrams CBD. For Bruce, this CBD tincture is “a staple before bed to help me get deeper sleep and wake up feeling less achy …  If I know I have a stressful day ahead of non-riding responsibilities, I like to use this tincture to ease my mind and get through the tasks without getting too elevated.”

CBD Pain Relief Roll-On Gel by PureKana

PureKana's CBD Pain Relief Roll-On Gel has been a staple in Bruce's routine for some time, “This roll-on has been a go-to for a couple of years now.” 

When he finds himself dealing with minor aches and pains, he said that this 2000 milligram CBD gel has helped him get through training. “The menthol gives this product a feeling of immediate pain relief while the CBD provides a lasting effect.” 

Vegan Mango CBD Gummies by PureKana

Tinctures, flower, and topicals are all favorites of Bruce. But when he's in the mood for an edible, he turns to PureKana's Vegan CBD Gummies in the mango flavor. 

With 25 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD per gummy, he notes, “not only are they tasty, but I've found them to be an easy way to help with aches in the body and calm the nerves in a subtle manner.”

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