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Everything you need to know about the G Pen Micro+ vaporizer

September 10, 2021   12:50 pm PDT | Updated 2 years ago
G Pen Micro+ vaporizer

For the uninitiated, G Pen is an accessory brand that produces exclusive-feeling vaporizers at a number of inclusive price points. Its product line features water-filtered e-rigs, proprietary pod batteries, handheld convection vapes, and now, with the inclusion of the Micro+, a dab straw/e-rig/510 cartridge battery hybrid that fits in the palm of a hand.

The Micro+ is a standout in the G Pen product line, performing as both an ultra-compact wax pen and a rechargeable cart battery. It is simple and straightforward to use, with multifunctionality that's surprisingly intuitive to navigate. But more than that, it has the potential to marry committed cartridge fans to the joy of dabs and committed dabbers to the convenience of carts. 

What is the G Pen Micro+?

The G Pen Micro+ is a hybrid wax pen and rechargeable 510 cartridge battery. Unlike the other proprietary pod batteries in the G Pen line, the Micro+ works with both 510 carts and concentrates and uses contemporary cannabis-tech to predict optimal temperatures for both. 

The Micro+ features a ceramic and quartz tank for vaporizing wax, shatter, sugar, and other concentrates, which can be unscrewed to reveal the port for a cartridge. The single button unit is approximately four inches long, with the girth of a fat sharpie or tube of lipstick. It arrives snug in a hemp carrying case alongside a two-inch dabbing tool and a USB-C charging cord.

What separates the G Pen Micro+ from other G Pens?

G Pen produces its own proprietary oil pods for its oil pen vaporizers, but the Micro+ works with the ubiquitous 510 carts that glisten under dispensary counters coast to coast, rather than the specialized carts made exclusively by G Pen. 

Additionally, this pen has the functionality of an e-rig/dab straw hybrid. When the mouthpiece assembly is removed to access the tank, the concentrate can be dropped in, e-rig style. Then, when reattached, the mouthpiece completes the dual-channel enclosure and consumers can draw at will, not unlike a dab straw. The even convection of the tank makes for effortless cleaning post dab, and the heft of the battery feels far more substantial than many pens. 

The Micro+ features three distinct temperatures for both carts and dabs and delivers heat either manually or automatically depending on your preference. Cartridge Recognition Technology predicts optimum temperatures and ensures smooth, balanced, vaporization — regardless of the concentrate's texture or extraction method, so both cartridges and dabs hit with ease. 

How does the G Pen Micro+ work?

The functionality of the Micro+ is pretty straightforward. To vaporize concentrates, first unscrew the mouthpiece from the base of its steel assembly. Then, using the included dab tool, add your extracted material to the ceramic tank. After reattaching the mouthpiece assembly, press the power button five times to power on and twice to activate the automatic heating (defaulted to medium) element. Finally, a haptic response will alert you when your chosen temperature has been reached (<10 seconds), after which you can draw from the cushy, food-grade silicone mouthpiece.

When using the Micro+ with 510 carts, remove both the mouthpiece assembly and the ceramic tank, both of which screw apart from the primary housing with minimum effort. Beneath the tank is the familiar port for the cart. Once the cart is screwed in, press the power button five times to power on, then activate the automatic heating tech by pressing the button twice more, or simply hold the button down while the light pulses, then release it when it glows solid for a manual heating experience.

The Micro+ will automatically shut off after five minutes of inactivity. 

Changing temperatures

The power button on the face of the Micro+ is ringed by a glowing LED that pulses in three different colors to display temperature, power, and — when applicable — connectivity issues. Though the Micro+ employs tech that intuitively predicts and adjusts temperatures and voltage depending on the medium being vaporized, consumers can easily navigate to their individual heating preferences.  

For dabbing concentrates in the ceramic tank:

  • Blue: low heat
  • Green: medium heat
  • Red: high heat

For carts the voltages are color-coded as such:

  • Blue: 2.5 volts
  • Green: 2.75 volts
  • Red: 3 volts 

You can toggle between these temperature settings by pressing the power button an additional three times after activation. The heating element sustains its temperature for 10 seconds before automatically shutting off. 


The Micro+ arrives in a tidy hemp carrying case that also contains a dab tool and a power cord. To charge the device, attach the included USB-C cord into the port at the foot of the device. The power button will flash red while the device charges and glow a steady green once full power is reached. 

When the device's battery is low, the power button will flash five times, and in the case of a connectivity issue, the button will alternately flash red and green. The device charges in roughly 90 minutes and contains a long-lasting rechargeable LI-ION 850MAH battery.  

How to clean the Micro+

The ceramic airpath and tank are both easily separated from the device and can be daubed with an alcohol-dipped cotton swab to remove lingering material. The silicone mouthpiece is easily wiped clean, as is the exterior of the device. None of the pieces require submersion in order to be efficiently cleaned. 

Do not attempt cleaning any parts of the device after use until it has had at least five minutes to cool down to a comfortable handling temperature. 

What's the appeal?

G Pen's devices are all countertop worthy, with stylish brand collabs and sleek, minimalist styling, but the Micro+ is a standout among its line. This device marries the two inarguably popular methods of oil consumption — carts and dabs — without sacrificing the convenience of one or the efficacy of the other. 

For any canna enthusiast who keeps both a dab straw and a pen battery at the ready, this device will not only (fractionally) unclutter your device collection, it will level up that collection in an impressively streamlined manner.  

Check out the G Pen Micro+ at

Featured image courtesy of G Pen