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We tried it: Kiva Lost Farm gummies review

August 9, 2021   11:10 am PDT | Updated 2 years ago
Kiva Lost Farm gummies review

Even for the most adamant flower enthusiasts, the pull of a reliable, precisely-dosed edible is inescapable. Convenience and discretion aren't always a necessity with cannabis consumption, but while we're still in this no man's land era where product options abound in legal markets while prohibition draws its final breath, it's always good to know where you can turn to for a reliable edible. And it certainly helps if the gummy, chocolate, or other candy you're working with is tasty.

Kiva Confections has been in the edible game since 2010, and over the last decade, they've secured a spot at the top of their trade in California's cannabis market. My experience with the brand has always been overwhelmingly positive. The Kiva Camino Sparkling Pear gummies have become a bona fide staple in my stash, it's an essential treat for easing into a weeknight and drifting to sleep without overdoing it on the THC. 

Kiva pairs elegance with reliability in its products, and the experience is rooted in a strong sense of that nuanced cannabis high for which people turn to the plant in the first place. 

Ideally, the goal of a cannabis edible should be to preserve as much of the integrity of the plant as possible. The confections from Kiva's Lost Farm line seem to be doubling down on this concept, boasting “strain-specific, plant-based gummies and chews infused with 100% live resin for a distinctively full-spectrum high.” Advertised as full-sensory and extra-strength, the Lost Farm gummies and chews are clearly meant to denote a nuanced high that mirrors the physical experience that Mother Nature intended. So let's open up some Lost Farm gummies and see how it measures up to Kiva's other tasty edibles. 

For this review, we'll be looking at the Lost Farm raspberry and strawberry lemonade gummies, made with live resin from Wedding Cake and Super Lemon Haze strains, respectively.

First impressions

The Lost Farm line packaging stands out on a dispensary shelf. Unlike Kiva's Camino gummies, which come in a robust, round tin, the Lost Farm gummies are packaged in a round tube with a twistable top. The label designs boast vivid colors, bold fonts, and world-traveler dreamscapes that evoke turn-of-the-century cannabis and tobacco packaging. You'll find “strain notes” that further emphasize that this product is connected to a specific cannabis plant on the back of the label. The gummies themselves are moderately sized, sugar-coated rounds, about the stature of a silver dollar.

Lost Farm raspberry gummies


Judging by flavor and texture, the Lost Farm gummies are well above par. There's always a rub with lower-quality gummies where you get that “chemically” weed oil taste that clashes with an artificial sweet flavor. In a similar fashion to other Kiva edibles, the Lost Farm gummies don't have that problem. 

The attractive, powder blue raspberry gummy had a satisfyingly tart taste that wasn't overly sweet and blended well with a live resin flavor that appropriately evoked the plant.


I'm a daily consumer of mostly sun-grown, 13–18% THC flower, so my THC tolerance is fairly high without being completely maxed out. Though a 10-milligram THC gummy is rarely enough for me to feel like I've gotten the full effect of a product, I decided to start off with just one to see how I'd feel, then move up to two gummies at 20 milligrams THC when it came time to try the strawberry lemonade flavor. And though it did eventually take two gummies for me to feel like I got the full Lost Farm experience, I found the potency of the one raspberry gummy to be efficiently effective and enjoyable.

If your THC tolerance is moderate-to-low, or if you're trying Kiva Lost Farm gummies for the first time, practice due diligence and start with one 10-milligram gummy and then wait up to 90 minutes to feel the full effects before you take more.


I popped one raspberry gummy right before stepping into a movie theater — one of my frequent haunts for under-the-influence entertainment, especially since I'm fully vaccinated and theaters are opening up. 

Personally, one 10-milligram gummy was enough to offer up a subtle yet engaging high that put me in the zone and helped me get lost in the movie. It wasn't necessarily a hard-hitting high, but it was enough to slowly creep in and whisk me away before I knew it was happening. By the time the roughly 90-minute movie was over, I felt like I was over the head high, but my body and spirit still felt imminently relaxed. 

Lost Farm strawberry lemonade gummies


Just like the raspberry gummy, the Lost Farm strawberry lemonade flavor is tart and fruity while still comfortably rooted in the natural, earthy flavor of live resin. If you're looking for a confection that tastes like it came from a real plant without losing sight of the fact that the product is still a candy product, then you'll be happy with this one. 


As previously mentioned, I considered my THC tolerance with the strawberry lemonade gummies and took two pieces — 20 milligrams THC — to get a better handle on the full effect of the product. If you're a less frequent consumer, start low and slow.


It had been about an hour before I noticed I was deep in a thick head high that started as subtle sedation before working its way into the front of my skull and out through the rest of my body in a slow, revolving tingle. 

For whatever reason, the sensation brought to my mind the mindfulness exercise I practice, where I try to be conscious of the inside of my fingers, then hands, then mentally move through the rest of my body until I feel I've achieved a sense of grounding physical presence. I think there was a naturally meditative element of the high that you don't typically get with an edible. There was also an emotional element to the experience that surprised me, but it was jovial and, therefore, a welcome change of pace.

Bottom line

A good edible should offer a streamlined facsimile of the cannabis high without diluting the experience that the actual plant provides. A natural cannabis high should be multifaceted and honor the intricate, nuanced biology of the plant. If you're looking for a nuanced, powerful high from a discreet product that permeates the body and mind the way real cannabis should, look no further than Kiva Confections' Lost Farm line.

Featured image courtesy of Weedmaps/Kiva