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We tried it: PLUS Gummies Review

July 6, 2021   4:20 pm PDT | Updated 2 years ago

If you're into weed, gummies are an invaluable and inevitable resource, especially out here on the west coast. I'm a flower guy, which basically means I still dig a good ol' fashioned analog joint above all else. But I frequently turn to gummies — perhaps more than any other edible product on the modern legal market — because they're undeniably convenient for discreet use and precise dosing. When applied to the right situation, a good gummy can offer up the optimal high, but only if it's a quality product. When it's subpar, a gummy can leave you with either a frustratingly weak or intensely unpleasant experience. 

That's why PLUS is a brand I keep going back to when I'm ready to stock up on edibles. I first encountered PLUS when I noticed its attractive tins on display at one of my go-to dispensaries in Santa Ana. They had a great store layout and I found myself gravitating to PLUS again and again.

Other than its HI-CUBES line, PLUS gummies never exceed 5 milligrams of THC per gummy. On the surface, that may not sound ideal for heavy, high-dose consumers. But reliability and consistency are king in the gummy world, and PLUS delivers on both fronts. Landing on the optimal experience is simply a matter of taking the right number of gummies for you. If you're more of a lightweight, you can rely on one PLUS gummy to do the trick every time. 

For this review, we'll be looking at PLUS's Limited Edition Pride Rainbow Sherbet, Sleep Cloudberry, and CBNRelief Lychee gummies.

First impressions

PLUS generally does a great job presenting its products in modern, convenient, appropriately friendly, and highly accessible packaging. Most of the PLUS gummy line comes in round, silver-coated plastic tins with a solid, functional twist-off cap.

The flavor, dosage (both total and per gummy) are all clearly visible and appropriately emphasized on the cap of the tin, while the bottom neatly contains serving size and ingredient info, as well as a sticker with the batch number and expiration date.

It's a neat, straightforward package that I vastly prefer to the more industry-standard, resealable-zipper plastic baggies. A few other brands out there do some version of the round tin for gummy packaging, but I find PLUS's tins to be easier to open than most without sacrificing resealability. The containers are small enough to be reasonably pocket-sized and big enough to hold 20 bite-size cubed gummies in one layer. Averaging at $16 per pack on Weedmaps, PLUS offers a more than reasonable price point for a reliable 5 milligram gummy.

Limited Edition Pride Rainbow Sherbet gummies

It's a shame these celebratory Pride Month gummies are a limited edition product because they make a standout addition to PLUS's THC gummy line. 


The cubes are an immensely enjoyable array of creamy-swirl colors, and the flavor and outside-coating texture very much reminded me of those Creme Savers that Life Savers used to make in the aughts. Remember those? Anyway, it all makes for a delightfully unique but recognizable gummy experience. 


I'm a daily consumer of mostly 13 - 18% THC flower and hemp, which is to say my THC tolerance, while not totally maxed out, is relatively high. I decided to take four gummies (20 milligrams THC) to test out the effects of this product on a weeknight at home in front of the TV. 

If you aren't a frequent consumer, your THC tolerance is moderate-to-low, or if you're trying PLUS products for the first time, practice due diligence and take PLUS's serving instructions: start with one 5 milligram gummy, then wait 90 minutes to feel the full effects before you take more. 


As far as the shape and flavor of my experience are concerned, let me just say right out the gate that these gummies were pretty ideal. I started noticing the onset about an hour after consumption, and once the mild full-body buzz and thick head high became fully apparent, I was set up for a reasonably smooth and indelibly potent ride for the remainder of the evening. 

Sometimes with edibles, there's this dance you have to do in your head between feeling a bit panicked by the intensity and giving yourself over to the prolonged "boom-pow" headspace so you can enjoy the ride as intended. Even at the peak of the high, I felt a noticeable temperance of THC jitters and found myself humming comfortably on a jazzy hyper-sensory register.

Find PLUS Limited Edition Rainbow Sherbet gummies

Sleep Cloudberry gummies

If you're looking for a gummy that will help you go to sleep without knocking you out right away, you may want to try PLUS's Sleep Cloudberry gummies. I took these on another night at home when I wanted to get a good sleep for a trip the next day. 


These gummies had a more traditional weed gummy texture, color, and flavor than the Pride Rainbow Sherbet. For me, the flavor registered as a pleasant combination of citrus, berry, and pomegranate. 


I took them a little early in the evening, which I was worried about at first because I didn't necessarily want to fall asleep at eight o'clock at night. Thankfully, the Sleep Cloudberry's 5:1:1 THC:CBD:CBN ratio was the right concoction to let me stay awake and relax for as long as I wanted, while also helping me drift quickly to sleep when I was ready. 

I took four gummies for a total of 20 milligrams THC, 4 milligrams CBD, and 4 milligrams CBN. Always start with one and wait 60 to 90 minutes if you're new to these products. 


The gummy offered up a great body high and "nighttime-Indica" effect, rooted in the back of the head and the spine, but clearly felt all over on the peripheral. Overall, I'd describe it as a truly full-bodied, potently relaxing experience. If you're looking for something to put you to sleep right away, this one may not be for you — though it'll probably do the trick if you're a light consumer and take one an hour to a few minutes before bed. For me, it was a tremendous nighttime gummy for a lovely, relaxing evening at home that ends on a sufficiently sleepy note.

Find PLUS Sleep Cloudberry Gummies

CBNRelief Lychee gummies

PLUS's CBNRelief Lychee gummies are something you'd go to for sleep and sleep only. 


The lychee flavor has a pleasant, understated, aromatic tartness that suits the vibe of the 3:2:1 CBD:CBN:THC ratio. 


To test out its effects, I took four gummies for a total of 12 milligrams CBD, 8 milligrams CBN, and 4 milligrams THC, about an hour and a half before bed. Though both CBD and CBN are valued for their potential to help one sleep, the word is still out on the exact nature and extent of their sedative powers. 


One thing's for sure, in my experience at least — CBD and CBN do have a special way of calming the nerves and simmering the senses to help the body and mind. By design, these gummies didn't offer up a pre-sleep high like the Sleep Cloudberry, but they had the same immediate, sleep-facilitating effect once I laid my head down.

Find PLUS CBNRelief Lychee gummies

Bottom line

If you've been frustrated by gummies for delivering either too little or too much, I highly recommend PLUS. I find its THC gummies equally appropriate for a lit day out or chill night in, and its sleep-centric gummies were effective without making me groggy the next day. 

In my experience, PLUS delivers on the experience it advertises, whether through a reliable 5 milligram THC gummy that promises a unique creamy flavor, or a CBD relief gummy that offers up a sufficient, sleep-inducing calm.

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps